Complete Woodworking Plan for Creating Modern Table inspired by a Hotel


This woodworking plan will provide step-by-step instructions for creating a modern table inspired by a hotel. The table will feature a solid wood top with a metal base, making it a great addition to any modern space. The plan will include the materials and tools required, detailed instructions, and tips for finishing the table for a professional look.

Materials and Tools

• 2 pieces of solid wood for the top: 1” x 36” x 48”
• 4 pieces of solid wood for the legs: 2” x 4” x 16”
• 1 piece of metal for the base: 24” x 24”
• Wood glue
• Screws
• Drill
• Miter saw
• Table saw
• Sandpaper
• Paint or stain


1. Cut the wood for the top and legs to the desired size using a miter saw and table saw.

2. Attach the four legs to the top by drilling pilot holes and secure them with screws. Use wood glue to ensure a secure bond.

3. Attach the metal base to the legs.