Fashion Try-On: Exploring Sheer Black Tops with a Unique Twist

Hello guys welcome back it’s Flair here and I have a fun little try on for you today today, I’m going to try on two new um, sheer black tops in my collection they’re, both long sleeved, but I think they’re very different and you’ll see why, when I Show you the second one, so let’s get started for the first one. It is a very simple clean, looking black crop top with long sleeves and a crew, neckline um, it’s very stretchy, but also still very secure, and I feel like the sleeves, are the perfect length for me um and here’s a better look at that. I love where the top actually sits on my waist, where there’s a little bit of a gap between the shorts and my top. I think it’s very flattering gives me more of an hourglass figure um and then there’s a seam. That goes all the way down the sleeve.

You can kind of feel it when you’re wearing it. It’S not the most comfortable, but it’s okay, um and then this the seam goes down the side where you can see that tag there, and then here is the back. All plain all around the back, I think it actually looks really really cool um for being a plain top. I’M going to give this this one a eight out of 10. I think it’s really cute.

I can make this very very fashionable. What do you guys think all right? Let me show you the next one. Okay, and here is the second top um, even though it’s a long sleeve Black Shear top it’s very, very different than the last um. This one is so cool, very edgy, very different um. I usually wear more soft feminine things, but honestly this one is so cool I feel like.

I could really dress it up. It would look really cute with maybe a pair of jeans or like a cute mini skirt you’ll have to let me know what to style. It with, but it’s got this long deep V down the front with the crisscross lace up detail which is so cool and you can lace it as high as you want, like the little revets go all the way up to the collar bone, which I think you’ll See right there, I decided not to tie it in the front, because it looks really weird with the tie just like in the middle as a bow, um and then here is the back. It’S very plain. The length of it is a little longer than the other one, but I still think it’s a cute length.

It’S still slightly cropped. This one also has like a little bit of an itchy seam down the um arms. You can kind of feel it when you’re wearing it um and then I wanted to show you the details of the rivets up close, so they are silver and then they have like a black velvet overlay that they’re on for the trim, but yeah. That’S all. I have for you guys today, thank you so much for watching.

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