Unveiling Blair’s Intimate Fashion Haul: A Sensual and Stylish Adventure with Adam and Eve

Hi guys it’s Blair here and welcome back to another try on video, except this one is a little more special. Today’S video is sponsored by Adam and Eve. Not only did they send me all of these lovely little outfits to try on for you, but they did give me a code for you to use at Adam and.com, so use code Blair for 50 % off one item plus free shipping in the US and Canada And free Rush processing, they have 247 customer service, 90day no hassle returns, discrete shipping and they’ve been in business for over 50 years. All right, let’s get started.

This is the Velvet burnout and eyelash lace shimes. I love this one. I think it’s just so sexy so gorgeous, um and so easy to wear. I love a good slip. I also love the long little um strap down the back.

I do need to adjust it so that it fits me better, but they are adjustable, which is very important um. Overall, I love this one. I love how sheer the whole thing is, but it has so much fun little detail and it’s also very soft and very comfortable to wear. What do you think? So I think this one was a little bonus, surprise that they threw in. I don’t know if they meant to or not, but thank you Adam and Eve.

I absolutely love this one. This one is called the Hollywood Lace and mesh garter shimes. I think it’s so so cute. I love where it comes down to my buttox, but the Gars are so adorable. I think when they’re attached to these dresses, I love the crisscross corset back and then the lace de detailing on the top and bottom of it.

Overall, I love this one. I love how like shiny the fabric. Is. It almost looks very like leathery, but it’s super soft and silky, so yeah you’ll have to let me know what you think, but overall I’m so happy. I got this one.

It was a nice little surprise to find in my package so yeah. What do you guys think? Let me know okay, and this is the Scarlet fishnet bodysuit. This is a very new style for me and that’s why I wanted to wear it. So I picked it out, but it is actually so so cool um, it’s mesh all the way around, but it does have like really cool little cut out details and everything like that. But it’s very stretchy very it’s actually surprisingly soft and it actually feels like I’m wearing nothing like there’s nothing on me.

So I think that’s a really cool like little feature to it, but yeah. This was a new style. For me. I kept on the stockings cuz. I thought that it would look cute.

Those are actually they came with the last set set that I showed you so yeah. I think this is just such a cool, little fun, bodysuit and so easy to wear and quick to take on and off, but yeah. What do you guys think is this a good Style on me? I feel like it is, I feel like I should try more more fishnet things, maybe more bodysuits. Oh, I do have another exciting one. Coming up.

Okay, this one is the Alicia satin, robe and Lace. Teddy and it’s a mat in said, how pretty is that it’s got the gorgeous Bell sleeves on the robe and it’s all set and soft and the lace matches the bodysuit. It’S got cute little high cut for the legs and a lovely like extra, pretty lace detail at the top. This is such a gorgeous piece. This is the Arya fishnet body stocking.

This is what I was saying when I said I have another exciting one coming up. It looks a little similar to the other bodysuit, but, as you can see, there’s so much more to this one. It’S very stretchy, very soft. It’S all mesh all the way around and the stockings are fully attached, which is so cool to me. Um.

I think it’s awesome to have like an allinone piece. It makes it so easy to just throw on and wear and you have a cute little little fit to wear, but the stockings have the cool details. I’M used to my stockings being more plain. So it was a really nice refreshing touch to have stockings with such cool like floral little details, but they are made of the same mesh yeah. Okay, I don’t want to pick favorites, but this is my favorite.

This was a little wild card pick for me, but this is the love htz nurse costume set. It is so fun. I think the details are incredible for such a tiny little costume. I love the uh little red patches of the crosses and they provided pasties with the same pattern like the little detail. The skirt is a separate piece which is awesome, so you could take it on and off, but I left it on because I think it looks adorable, but the entire bodysuit underneath is made of lace, and I added my own stockings to this one.

These are my own white stockings. I thought it was just a nice little touch, um and, and then it has, of course, the cute little nurse’s hat. I absolutely love this one. I can’t wait to play around on this. A little more.

All right guys tell me which one was your favorite outfit, but thank you so much to Adam and Eve for sponsoring this video. So don’t forget to use code Blair at Adam and eve.com for 50 % off one item plus free shipping in the US and Canada and free Rush processing. All right, you guys. You know that the drill don’t forget to like And subscribe and, of course follow me on Instagram