Playful Pink Fashion: A Ginger’s Perspective – Exploring Off-Shoulder Crop Tops and Coordinating Shorts

Hello guys welcome back it’s play here and, as you can see, I am now a proud, Ginger and loving it. I hope you love it as much as I do. I know a lot of you who follow me on Instagram have been so excited so for today’s video I’m going to try on pink tops, I paired them with my cute pink yoga shorts as well, because one of my favorite color combos is red and pink. So I figure: let’s try that out all right. So let’s get started here is the first top that I’d like to show you.

So, as you can see, this one is really cute and feminine. It is an off-the-shoulder crop top with long sleeves that have like the Bell sleeve flare to them. Um the edges of the sleeve and the bottom of the top are finished with a lettuce hem. It is quite cropped a little shorter than I normally go, but I think it works really well with this style, and there is a beautiful little rhinestone bow on there, which I think just adds a lovely feminine touch to it. And then, as for the offthe shoulder thing, it goes straight across and it’s an elastic that feels very secure.

I don’t think it’s going to go anywhere. The shirt also doesn’t ride up very much, which I think is really really nice so yeah. I also think it sits really nicely with the style of these shorts, which are very high-waisted, and it gives me more of an hourglass figure um. I really enjoy the silhouette of this one. I love the deeper pink color against my red hair, along with the light pink shorts.

I just think it’s such a pretty look anyways. Let me know what you think of this one. I am a big fan, but I have some cute ones to show you next. So, let’s get on to that after I show you one more final. Look all right here is the second top, and this one is so pretty because it’s got just a touch of pink.

As you can see, it’s very interesting um. It’S got little pink bows on the front. It is a little longer in length than the last one, not off the shoulder, but still very cropped and cute. I love the crew neckline I like where it falls at my waist as well and then cute little short, sleeves and then obviously the best part. There are cute little bows sewn onto the front.

I feel like they match the shorts, pretty well they’re a close color match, not quite, but it is a fun little touch that I really do enjoy. Um the shirt does not Rite up very much. It stays put for the most part um the cute little lettuce. Hem again, I think, is a lovely detail and they included it on the sleeves as well there’s a little closeup of all of the details. It does have quite a few details for such a simple top, so I do appreciate that I do think that the bows were sewn on in a weird way, but that can’t be helped they’re still pretty cute.

Overall, I really really like this top. I think it’s such a fun one, it’s so interesting. Definitely I would consider this one, a conversation starter and I love how the bows peek out through my hair when it’s over my shoulders. I think that’s so pretty but yeah. Let me know what you think of this one.

I think it’s really interesting. Again, it’s very feminine. It’S got the bows so yeah you’ll have to. Let me know what you think, and here is a another peek at it from a different angle. Um.

I just want to make sure I model these for as long as possible for you guys so there’s a better look at it. I think you get the overall picture of the outfit and I love it. All right here is the third one and, as you can see, it has a similar vibe to the last one, but instead of bows there are hearts and the shirt itself is pink and I think it’s such a pretty soft, pink color and I love the sequin Accents on the front, I think that that is such a fun. Little touch. Um here is the look overall with my cute pink shorts.

A again, I love the way that this looks with my red hair. Am I the only one who loves red and pink as a combo, all right, so here’s that shirt up close it is a cute silky, fine mesh, just like the other ones, they’re, all a very fine mesh um. It’S got a crew, neckline and short sleeves, which I think is pretty much the theme for this one and it fits pretty nicely. It sits really nicely at my waist as well no riding up or moving around round, and I love the reflection of the light in the sequined Hearts. I love that I think that’s so dang pretty and cute.

It’S such a sweet touch and it’s again a really fun conversation, starter um. I feel like. If I saw somebody wearing this, I would want to talk to them immediately, but yeah. I think I really like this one too, I’m not sure which one was my favorite you’ll have to. Let me know which one was yours, but please don’t forget to like and subscribe and of course please follow me on Instagram I post there every single day and I would love to have you and don’t forget to check the description box below for all of my Links bye, everyone.

I hope you have a beautiful day wherever you are I’ll, see you next time. Bye,