Fashionable Finds: Unboxing and Styling a Gifted Bodysuit and Mini Skirt

Hi guys welcome back to my channel, it’s Blair here. I have another fun little try on for you and today I’m going to show you my newest bodysuit in my collection, along with this cute little mini skirt that I decided to style it with this. Bodysuit is very special to me. It was gifted to me by a lovely subscriber, so thank you very much and the skirt was just something I thought would look really really cute with it. You’Ll have to.

Let me know how you like it down below but yeah. Let’S get started first of all, I think the details are stunning. I love that the outline of like the cups and the neckline, as you can see, look like they are like a leather material, and I love the contrast with the mesh which, just to know the mesh is very see-through. So keep that in mind. If you are thinking about purchasing this, I love the high neckline.

I think it really adds to it, and I also love that the open hole in the front looks like an upside down heart and then here’s more of that leather detail for the strap in the back. This is a little hook that keeps it closed and tight. It kind of fits like a regular bra, but a little bit more loose, I would say um and then it does have a little closure up at the top top as well, so cute all right. Here’S the final look with the cute little mini skirts like a knitted material. That’S a little bit see-through as well.

I thought it was a nice pairing. Well, that’s all! I had in store for you guys today. Thank you so much for watching. Please don’t forget to like And subscribe and of course follow me on Instagram to see more of me: [ Music, ], bye for