large daisy flower ladi orange purple

KTM Healthcare® 5Pcs Silk Artificial Gerbera Daisy Flower(Light Orange)



This large daisy flower ladi will give colour and cheer to your home’s interior design. Any room will be made more cheerful by the vivid orange and purple colours. A combination of acrylic and polyester fibres were used to create the huge daisy floral ladi, giving it strength and longevity. To give it a genuine appearance, the petals are open and faceted. The flower’s centre has a genuine appearance thanks to the attention to detail.

From a kitchen to a living room, this huge daisy flower ladi looks lovely in both. It makes the ideal décor for the summer and the spring, but it can also be used all year to provide a splash of vibrant colour to any room. The ladi is roughly 8 inches tall and has a diameter of nearly 16 inches. You may simply show it in many places because it is portable and light.

The huge daisy flower ladi is simple to maintain and may be given a periodic wipe down with a moist cloth. It won’t lose its brilliant colours over time because it is also fade-resistant. The ladi looks lovely just by itself, or you can combine it with other daisy blooms to make a lovely bouquet for spring. It’s ideal for bringing some joy into your house.

For every occasion, the huge daisy flower ladi makes a wonderful present. It will undoubtedly make the recipient grin. For a party, wedding, or just to show someone you care, it makes the perfect décor. The ladi also works well as a housewarming gift.

The enormous daisy flower ladi will provide some brightness to any space, regardless of where you decide to display it. It is a bright and attractive décor that will make any room happier. This ladi is certain to become a favourite ornament in your home because to its vibrant colours and realistic appearance.


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