Washington Commanders Halt Baltimore Ravens’ 24-Game Preseason Win Streak

The Washington Commanders’ 24-game winning streak in preseason games, dating back to 2016, came to an end as kicker Joey Slye secured a victory for the Baltimore Ravens with a 49-yard field goal in the closing seconds. The Commanders nearly tied the game at 28 with a late attempt, but Ravens cornerback Kyu Kelly prevented their two-point conversion. Despite Ravens quarterback Anthony Brown Jr.’s leadership, they couldn’t run out the clock, and Washington got another chance thanks to a pass interference call. Slye’s successful field goal attempt marked the end of a hard-fought match.

Washington Commanders running back Antonio Gibson celebrates after scoring a touchdown against the Baltimore Ravens.

Reflecting on the significance of the streak, Ravens head coach John Harbaugh emphasized that the streak represented meaningful efforts and dedication. He rejected the notion that these victories were without value, highlighting the commitment of players fighting for positions and the importance of preseason games for player development. Harbaugh explained that the extended winning streak was a testament to the team’s practice methods, player development strategies, and scouting efforts. He praised the game of football for its ability to showcase courageous and determined individuals who are willing to endure physical challenges and tough situations. Harbaugh noted that this grit and determination are the qualities that make the sport great and gain the respect of football enthusiasts.

During the game, attention was drawn to the battle between Ravens wide receiver Zay Flowers and Commanders cornerback Emmanuel Forbes, both of whom are first-round draft picks. Their face-off during the game’s opening drive added another layer of excitement to the matchup.


In the end, the Ravens’ victory over the Commanders ended a significant winning streak and highlighted the dedication and determination that players exhibit in preseason games. The match showcased the essence of football as a sport that demands physicality, courage, and resilience, earning the respect and admiration of fans who appreciate the effort it takes to excel in the game.

In a recent preseason matchup between the Washington Commanders and the Baltimore Ravens, young talent shone brightly. Flowers, the Commanders’ promising rookie, showcased his skills with an 11-yard reception and a remarkable 26-yard touchdown on a play action pass. Quarterback Sam Howell, leading the Commanders, displayed proficiency by completing 19 of 25 passes for 188 yards and two touchdowns, both in the closing minutes of the first half.

However, the game was not without its challenges. Washington’s head coach Ron Rivera took a calculated risk by keeping his offensive starters on the field for the first half. This decision bore fruit but also raised concerns, as star receiver Terry McLaurin appeared to sustain a toe injury during the action. Despite the preseason nature of the game, Howell emphasized the desire to win regardless of the circumstances, highlighting the competitive spirit among the teams.

The Baltimore Ravens’ tight end, Travis Vokolek, an undrafted rookie from Nebraska, emerged as a standout performer in the second half, securing two touchdowns. The Ravens’ victory allowed them to claim a record for the most consecutive preseason wins since 2021, surpassing the 1959-1962 record held by the (under a specific team or individual). The teams’ familiarity with each other was evident, as they had engaged in joint practices leading up to the game. These practices were marked by intensity, including scuffles between Washington’s offensive line and the Ravens’ defensive front.

During the game, Washington’s right guard, Sam Cosmi, celebrated a touchdown with his signature “Griddy” move. Cosmi, who had been involved in the practice altercations, downplayed the significance of the Ravens’ preseason record, labeling it as unimportant. He candidly expressed his perspective that preseason games hold little value in the grand scheme of things, indicating his team’s determination to surpass the record with a confident assertion.

The matchup was a blend of fresh talent and seasoned competition. Flowers and Howell displayed their potential, leaving an impression with their standout plays. Despite its preseason nature, the game was marked by competitive energy and a desire to triumph. The Ravens’ victory marked a milestone in terms of consecutive preseason wins, while the joint practices between the teams added an extra layer of intensity. The camaraderie and rivalry were on display, making for an eventful preseason showdown.