Who is the most attractive male celebrity?

Who is the most attractive male celebrity?

33 thoughts on “Who is the most attractive male celebrity?

  1. I’ve always thought that really boring looking dude Sam Worthington is hot as hell and I can’t explain why. He makes me feel some sort of way.

  2. Alain Delon in his prime was …. godly. Now, I’m always a bit insane for Jensen Ackles or Oscar Isaac. They also seem very decent, which helps.

  3. Ewan McGregor and Michael Fassbender are pretty objectively good looking men, and the accent carries a degree of perceived sophistication. I feel like they’d be pretty excellent wingmen, were they just a random semi-normal person instead

  4. “As a straight, 7’5 man with a big burly beard and ‘IM STRAIGHT’ tattooed on my 600lb CIS forehead…..”

    STFU and just say Henry Cavill. You’re not gay, it’s OK.

  5. My wife and I were just talking about this at dinner. Lee Pace has got to be the most stunningly attractive man alive. His scenes in Foundation have left a permanent impression on both of our brains.

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