Which smell reminds you of the 90s?

Which smell reminds you of the 90s?

50 thoughts on “Which smell reminds you of the 90s?

  1. Drugstore perfumes at the time: Exclamation!, Tribe, Vanilla Fields, Loves Baby Soft and Sunflowers! Oh the chemicals I use to dose myself in!

  2. Pink Extra! gum and strawberry chapstick

    Smoking indoors

    Cheap pot

    Vanilla Fields and ckOne

  3. Opening an old library book published in the 70s with yellowing pages and a card full of names

  4. I went in a family video a couple years ago and the smell brought me right back to friday nights at blockbuster in the 90s.

  5. Aqua-Net hair spray. Vivid memories of my mother tear gassing the entire bathroom with that stuff as a child.

  6. Toasted Vanilla Sugar, Cucumber Melon, Cherry Blossom

    Cherry Smackers

    Smell the tube TV gives off when you get close and zap your nose with the static

    Wild berry scented stuff

  7. I’m not sure what it is but it was like every pre school and elementary school smelled like it and from time to time I’ll smell it and ill be back in the halls

  8. The Hawaiian Tropic tanning lotion in a brown bottle. It had a very distinct pleasant scent.

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