Which job requires the largest balls of steel?

Which job requires the largest balls of steel?

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  1. Industrial climbers. Imagine hanging from a crane at hundreds of meters height while performing maintainance with machine tools

  2. News reporters/investigators that go deep into warzone/high crime areas. Russia invading Ukraine really opened my eyes to the high risk getting factual reporting can be. They must be adrenaline junkies!

  3. Haven’t seen this but people who clean up crime scenes etc. I mean it’s gotta take a lot of guts to clean up the remains of people who have been killed in some way

    Also police officers, firefighters, medical professionals, entertainers, cell tower repair guys

  4. The people who go down into the sewers and have to suit up to be fully submerged in literal shit to remove huge islands of congealed fat and bodily fluids from the system.

  5. Asbestos Abatement. Basically, containing and removing asbestos from old buildings or in other words: fixing the previous generation’s mistake.

  6. Here on Germany we have official hunter-dog-teams for the tracking of animals. If tracking is difficult or dangerous, you can call one of these people who will then come with their highly trained dog, find the animal and put it out of its misery.
    The stories I’ve heard of their encounters with extremely angry, big boars in the thick, deep undergrowth of the forest or reed beds and the wounds I have seen, together with the knowledge that the little money they are given on a voluntary basis doesn’t make up for the costs and effort they have and that their biggest goal is to end or prevent the suffering of an animal, makes me think that those people are silent heroes and need balls of steel to face those boars close-up.

  7. Anything to do with clinical infectious diseases.

    Yeh, precautions are in place which limit the occupational hazard, but eventually you’re going to be at risk.

    Look at all the healthcare workers who have contracted covid several times from their occupation.

    Or the healthcare workers who caught ebola and died.

  8. Doing a job you hate because you have no other option.
    But you still go in day after day, shift after shift and do your best.
    Sorry Reddit this isn’t probably the right response to this thread but it means a lot to me.

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