Which historical figure is mistakenly idolized?

Which historical figure is mistakenly idolized?

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  1. Prophet Muhammad

    He was a war monger, pedophile, rapist , pliagarizer

    Edit: All those who say not to judge historical characters under current lens are missing the whole point.
    According to Muslims worldwide, Prophet Muhammed was the most righteous person who ever lived. All his words and actions were due to instructions he received from God.

    Yes,a 7th century king having sex slaves or child brides isnt something surprising but if God can send instructions to him,he could have easily banned slavery, child marriage, killing for apostacy and many other bad things he did.

    I can get executed for saying these things in many islamic countries as they believe that there is nothing more evil than talking ill of Mohammed.

  2. Erwin Rommel is hailed as some clean “innocent” saint by some people despite his unquestioning loyalty to the NSDAP and his actions against minority populations in North Africa and France.

  3. The 6th earl of mooreford wasnt the earl at all, he was a stonemason with the rare ability of being literate, so when the actual earl never showed up, he put on a fancy cape, went into town & read from a parchment signed by the king that affirmed him the earl. since nobody could read, or knew what the actual earl looked like, nobody questioned him. so he & his descendants ruled for a couple hundred years. the earldom was eventually rolled into another & doesnt exist anymore, but apparently he still has blood relatives among the current british aristocracy. nobody knows what happen to the actual earl. most likely was killed by road bandits.

  4. Che Guevara comes to mind. Several years ago this dude’s face was on posters, and clothing all over America.

    Edit: A lot of you are arguing in favor of Che, and that’s fine. There is room to debate here. My main point was that most people wearing his image on a shirt know next to nothing about him.

  5. Richard lionheart. Hes somewhat the embodiement of chivalry while all he did was getting captured, cost his country nearly all wealth for his ransom and then got shot too death by some bandit with a crossbow, without really achiving anything.

    Edit: He wasnt shot by a bandit, he got shot at the siege of Châlus-Chabrol with a crossbow, while on a raid.

  6. Woodrow Wilson. Often remembered for coming up with the League of Nations idea, he was a super racist religious fundamentalist weirdo.

  7. Ghandi. Ghandi only chose a path of peace because it was the only route he could take against the might of the British Empire. Shame was his greatest weapon. He was a virulent racist, dirty pedophile. Very sick bastard.

  8. King Richard I aka Richard the Lionheart.

    He is held in a high regard but he was actually a bad king. He had no interest in governing and his attention span was limited to killing people in warfare. He was regarded as a cruel leader (even by the standards of the 12th century) and is only held in high regard because the monks liked his crusading and because the Victorians considered him an “empire builder”.

    I should also point out that, despite being born in Oxford, Richard I did not consider himself “English” and he considered himself a Frenchman where he spent most of his adult life. He considered England to be nothing more than a piggy bank to fund his crusading and he hated the nation which is why it is so baffling to see England football fans use crusader imagery and boast about the “three lions on the shirt”.

    If you want to know more, watch Terry Jones’s Medieval Lives.

  9. What a silly question, idolization of anyone is a mistake. Idolizing people is a problem in general. Respect accomplishments, don’t idolize anyone. They’re just a person too, like you.

  10. Almost all of the US presidents have skeletons in their closets that nobody really talks about.

    Whether it’s leading an invasion of a country, or using slave’s teeth as dentures. History is a rocky subject, and a rabbit hole when it comes down to the United State’s life.

  11. Shaka Zulu. A violent, murderous, warmongering dictator. This guy indiscriminately murdered family, friends, his own soldiers, and his own people to further himself. He was like the Stalin of southern Africa. His achievements are wildly exaggerated while his atrocities are downplayed.

    Che Guevara. Why this asshole is celebrated (funny enough mostly by the left) is ludicrous. T-shirts, logos and even a “romantic” film made about him. He was a murderous ideologist (homosexuals, women and children included).

    Joseph Stalin. Still not seen as bad as that other WW2 dude. In reality he was worse.

  12. Thomas Edison. He was nothing more than a money hungry guy who stole the ideas of him competitors.

    He burned down Teslas laboratory and killed an elephant to show people how dangerous Teslas idea was.

    Funnily enough the electricity we use today is the one that Tesla was vouching for.

  13. Most of them, humanity loves their idols but most of them are (obviously) human and flawed. Gandhi was racist towards blacks, JFK’s family was shady af and he was shitty af to his wife, MLK banged hookers (not really a bad thing but whatever) ect.

  14. Henry Ford, H.P. Lovecraft, Charles Lindbergh…

    These are just the first few I could think of the extremely racist or anti-semitic famous Americans from around the turn of the 20th century. I’m sure there are many, many more.

  15. Coco Chanel. Fashion icon? Yes. N*azi sympathizer? BIG YES. Also apparently not the most up-and-up individual in general. Go read up on her.

  16. Mother Teresa was apparently a bitch.

    Over a third of her patients received inadequate care. Conditions there were likened to nazi concentration camps. She actively campaigned against the use of condoms during the aids epidemic.

    When she fell ill she ran away to California for care, instead of staying in one of her death traps.

    Here’s a quote from her:

    “There is something beautiful in seeing the poor accept their lot, to suffer it like Christ’s Passion. The world gains much from their suffering.”

  17. Andrew Jackson. He carried out ethnic cleansing against Native Americans. Jackson was a disaster of a human being on every possible level, and should not be commemorated positively by any branch of American government. And as he was a slave owner, putting him on the $20 bill is disgraceful.

  18. Steve Jobs. Not only was he incredibly mean and cruel to his coworkers and employees, he also essentially stole credit for everything that was achieved under the name “Apple”. He had no particular skills that aided him in succeeding other than to take credit for others accomplishments.

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