What’s Your Favorite Non-alcoholic Beverage?

What’s Your Favorite Non-alcoholic Beverage?

48 thoughts on “What’s Your Favorite Non-alcoholic Beverage?

  1. Cold Dr.Pepper out of a glass bottle in crushed ice. Not the water downed crap you get in most fast food restaurants.

  2. Ovaltine. Don’t know how or why, but I am addicted to it. I even ask for it for Christmas but nobody buys it because they think I am joking.

  3. Shirley Temple. I hadn’t had it in *decades*, and recently I had it again at a new restaurant I went to and was like, I *have* to learn how to make this. And now I’m freaking addicted. So simple. So good.

  4. Dr Pepper. All day regret day, baby. Not literally, of course, but I certainly drink too much for my own good.

    Edit: I’m seeing so many people in this thread day Dr Pepper, and it warms my heart immensely, given all the crap I get for loving it instead of Coke or Pepsi.

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