What’s the fastest you’ve ever driven?

What’s the fastest you’ve ever driven?

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  1. My grandmother’s 1987 Mercedes Benz 560 SL on the Robert Moses Causeway, 138 miles per hour.

  2. 200kph so about 124mph. But that’s only cause it’s the upper limit of my current car build… Otherwise I’d go faster

  3. A train drives? About 320kmh in a TGV
    In a car? I don’t know probably 200 kmh on the German autobahn with my dad

  4. 100 mph (160 kmh), but only for a very short time on a clear highway. Just wanted to see what it was like.

  5. On public roads, indicated 205mph, probably around 195 in reality. On a tuned motorbike, not a car.

  6. About 147 in an airport runway. Trying my hardest to get to the 155 limiter but it never happened.

    Trying going from taxiway (rough as hell) to runway at 75 to get a rolling start and spun it. Super fun times.

  7. 167 mph when I did the “Mario Andretti experience” at Homestead Raceway. And I came away with a new respect for how fit those guys must be to race like that for hours. I was exhausted after 45 minutes.

  8. 159.6 on the freeway (just once to see what the top speed of the car was. I will never go that fast again)

  9. Probably 80mph on a roadtrip from Texas to California. Long stretches of road, and it felt like I was going 30mph.

  10. I did 140 mph on a long, straight, and empty stretch of highway when I first got a new car. It was thrilling, but too scary to ever want to do again.

  11. 185km/h for maybe a minute. Felt like the car was going rattle apart.

    Did that on a long road trip. It was a mistake, going back down to even 120km/h seemed so god damn slow and the back half of the stretch we were doing seemed to take forever.

  12. I think I got up to ~140 mph once. The US Air Force has certain planes that require feedback on takeoff and landing and to provide that information they have a bunch of super fast cars that will chase the planes on the runway. I got to hop in one of those. It was pretty wild.

  13. About 140 mph on my motorcycle and it’s singlehandedly the dumbest thing I’ve ever done.

  14. 290 kph or 180 mph in my dad’s car, I was in the passenger seat. We were driving in the left lane, suddenly some flashing lights from the back, a quick look in the back mirror revealed something red. So my dad changed to the middle lane, the Ferrari went beside us. A friendly node from both, my dad and the stranger and then the Ferrari went await. 😅

    True story, I was maby 16 or so. Side note german Autobahn.

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