What’s America’s biggest fuck up?

What’s America’s biggest fuck up?

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  1. There’s a political benefit to promise voters things we can not afford while on a sinking ship floating on an ocean of debt. No worries, the unborn next generation has no say in the challenges we are going to leave to them.

  2. City planning. The cities are built for cars, not people. Some cities are nearly un-walkable & that’s just insane to think about

  3. Allowing the formation of Super PACs in 2010 which allowed corporations to buy every American politician

  4. Health care. Particularly how it handles maternal health care and maternity leave. America is downright barbaric.

  5. Exporting all of the manufacturing jobs, which were the backbone of the middle class, to slave wage countries. They did this to keep prices down for only one reason. So they wouldn’t have to raise American wages or invest in American workers. They only needed American consumers to continue to by their goods.

    When the price of goods go up in America, one would need to raise American wages so they could continue to afford the products they make.

    Rather than raise American wages, they exported manufacturing to lower wage countries so the product price remained unchanged and workers didn’t “need” a raise.

    Compounded over decades, we find ourselves in the mess we’re in.

  6. Central banks have to be at the top of the list. Allowing a corporation to replace the republic was related to banking

  7. Health Care. The fact getting sick is the number one cause of bankruptcy is very telling.

  8. Allowing Regan to introduce “trickle down economics,” thus indoctrinating several generations into the belief if a C-level employees make more money, so will the working Joe and Jane. If you want to know why the days of people with high-school degree level jobs could afford housing and retire are over, this is the singular event that unraveled it all.

  9. Lack of term limits and, with it, House terms only being 2 years. These folks are running the next race almost immediately after winning the last one and are too worried about keeping their job than doing what they think the best job may be unless it 100% aligns with the base which it often shouldn’t completely.

    That combo has lead to our current complete lack of compromise.

  10. Current two party system. A lot of problems could be mitigated if we had a system in place that accurately represented the views of the people. We are seeing the long-term effects of polarized, us vs. them thinking.

  11. Interfering in other countries. It’s never turned out well and led to violent hate against us

  12. 1. Politicians should not be allowed to take any form of payment other than their salary. Caught & it’s immediate life sentence in prison. Also, term limits & age limits.

    2. No nationwide public transportation. High speed trains up & down the Eastern seaboard, Miami to Boston, Charlotte to Atlanta to Birmingham to Nashville to Chicago to St. Louis to Denver ect.

    3. UBI & UHC would pull almost everyone out of poverty & horrible living conditions.

    4. THE. MOST. IMPORTANT ….. Education. 100% free, no exceptions. If you wanna learn, there’s a way for you to. $$$ should have no bearing on how much education a person has access to.

  13. Ending southern reconstruction after the Civil War. The problems it left are still affecting us.

  14. Failing to develop a reliable nationwide railroad and train transportation system and forcing us to rely on domestic aviation, effectively crippling aspects of infrastructure in various cities like LA

  15. The number of junk ingredients and sugar allowed in food. We’re addressing a solution but not understanding the cause of our health epidemic.

  16. 1913: The Federal Reserve act. Allowing private bankers to take over the money supply.

    Everything went to shit as a result.

  17. This is an opinion that can only be achieved in hindsight:

    We absolutely should not have invaded Afghanistan or Iraq after 9/11. Thousands of military deaths, 10x more civilian deaths, didn’t really stop terrorism, domestic policies didn’t help out too much, etc.

    We should have been using smaller squad military forces to find the top leaders and kill/capture them, which would have been fraction of a full invasion, and spent more time with countries/leaders to make every inch of their country an unsafe space for them.

    But we reacted out of fear and violence with loose plans in a matter of days, while the attacks spent a while. I understand Americans were calling for blood, I was too. We trusted our leaders to make the right decision that wouldn’t destroy us in the process.

    Two part fuckup: the response and the snowball afterwards

  18. Not keeping education strong. Not paying educators well and not keeping colleges affordable.

  19. Private, for profit prisons. It promotes the prison pipeline and further disenfranchises marginalized communities.

  20. In the history of the country? I mean it has to be the fact that slavery was legal in parts of the country for the first 89 years and what transpired in the next 100 years afterward.

  21. You want just one? Let’s start at the beginning…how about killing 90% of the Native population and treating the ones that survived like garbage? That was some bad juju right there.

    Then you have slavery, which was horrific…and the way the slaves were treated after they were “freed” which has caused generations of damage and conflict.

    Murdering millions of innocent people in deceitful wars started for the financial benefit oil companies and weapons manufacturers, and funding those wars with taxpayers money.

    Allowing puritanical religious bigots and their ideas into politics and government.

    Allowing lobbying in government…it’s legal bribery.

    Worshipping money and profits over the wellbeing of the county’s citizens (not having universal healthcare in one of the richest countries on earth is just disgusting).

    Prioritizing the interests of corporations and banks over the health of the country, it’s infrastructure and people.

    Suburbs, suburban sprawl, nonsensical foolish city planning, lack of public transport etc.

    Worship and idolization of money, the wealthy and celebrities.

    A toxic hyper-individualistic “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” culture while, creating a society where it’s near impossible for the people they are criticizing to even have boots.

  22. The intervention in the middle east after the wake of 9/11. 20 years pushing back the Taliban and training the Afghan army, trillions spent on equipment and training, thousands of lives lost on all sides, and the Taliban shat all over that within a month.
    Don’t even get me started on iraq

    Also the education system favouring being able to throw or kick a ball far over everything else related to education.

  23. Hanging Saddam Hussein, and then telling the fourth largest army in the world, “Hey, you guys are all unemployed now. But go ahead and keep all your guns.”

  24. Bipartisan political system. Majority of ppl don’t feel fully represented by one or the other

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