What superpower would you like to have and why?

What superpower would you like to have and why?

40 thoughts on “What superpower would you like to have and why?

  1. To make any plants grow from nothing, immediately and to my preferred height and width. (And to control when they bloom)

    Because it has so many benefits to me and to the community.

  2. The ability to eat only if I wanted to, not because I need to. I’d have full energy and a feeling of full, but I could still enjoy food, if so pleased. The amount of time, effort and money I spend on food, eating, thinking about what to eat, looking at recipes, prepping, cooking and of course, the clean up, could be spent far better.

  3. To write down any question and the answer appears underneath. I could solve cold cases.
    What question would you write?

  4. I always wanted to be able to see in the future. IDK maybe 1 hour or somethig sounds so OP.

  5. Teleportation would be great. Christmas was really hard for me this year because my girlfriend was in another city and we had a really bad snow storm. So I wasn’t able to get up there. Teleporting would have been dope.

  6. Super health. Regardless of scenario or situation you will always be in prime healthy condition.

  7. Omniscience. No need to second guess what I am doing because I already know exactly what needs to happen. Would get rid of a shitload of uncertainty and anxiety.

  8. Shapeshifting a la Martian Manhunter/Miss Martian. It’s a shapeshifting that happens down to a molecular level, meaning that you can essentially morph your body into even non-living things if necessary. But shapeshifting just seems so practical with tons of upside for personal enjoyment.

  9. I would like to be able to focus on one thing at a time so that I can calmly complete mundane but necessary tasks.

  10. Telekinesis. I wouldn’t ever have to get up and go to the fridge. I could just think about a beer and it would come.

  11. Slowing down time around me incrementally up to a full standstill. It would be like being able to teleport, with the drawback you have to actually walk the distance, but you could also so time while sleeping or reading, or consume audiobooks or movies at 3x speed while making it seem normal to you.
    Get more life out of your life.

  12. Stop time for everything and everyone but me. But I’m not sure about the technicalities, like, would I have access to electricity, or the internet? Would I be able to take a shower? Would I get hungry or sleepy? Anyway…

  13. I’d like the power to deflect other powers. Not negate, not be immune to, just deflect. If someone tried to read my mind it would just bounce it over to the next person. If someone used telekinesis on me, they’d just end up making a nearby dumpster float instead. Hit with lightning? Instantly appears somewhere else.

    And similarly, by interacting with someone or something under the influence of another power, I’d instantly deflect it somewhere else.

    I like the utility of this power, and the fact that it isn’t over power or God mode. There are still work around. Doesn’t really matter if I can deflect telekinesis if they stop using it and drop something on me. I’m not invulnerable or invincible, but I can still do a lot of good (or harm) and I still enjoy some broad strong points, like being immune to any for of psychic manipulation.

  14. A bit lame but mind reading. As someone on the spectrum this would make my life so much easier

  15. Mind reading , I would face ppl real thought about me but honestly I can understand what ppl really want.

  16. telekinesis, don’t need to get up to grab food from the refrigerator when i can just bring the food to me

  17. Telekinesis, specifically the type in Chronicle.

    Being able to move stuff with mind, cool. But being able to generate a barrier around yourself and levitate yourself at will is good. You can fly, make yourself seem stronger and faster, stop bullets, walk through fire without it touching you, ect. As far as I can tell it was only limited to how much you had trained it and how creative you were.

  18. Japanese honey bees form a “hot defensive bee ball” wherein they vibrate thier flight muscles at a fast enough pace to generate enough heat to roast an attacking murder hornet.

    Oh what I could do with that talent.

  19. The combined powers of the infinity stones, I’d be more particular about who got blipped out of existence than Thanos was. 😂👍

  20. Shape-shifting. I’m trans so that’s obvious. I’d also like to have the ability to eat anything and produce it again later.

  21. I technically already have superpowers but only in games and coding. In real life I only have teleportation, so I would wish to have my reality warping powers in real life

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