What sounds like it happened in the long gone past but in reality it wasnt even 100 years ago?

What sounds like it happened in the long gone past but in reality it wasnt even 100 years ago?

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  1. 1966, Franca Viola became the first Italian woman to take to court the need to marry her rapist as the customs say to avoid social shame.

  2. It will be exactly 100 years ago this April since the very first “talkie” movie, sound has only been in films for 100 years now, before that, we had only silent pictures.

  3. MLK assassination.
    Anne Frank’s birth, and death.
    Pearl harbor.
    Berlin was was built/tore down.

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  4. * Traveling by physical map. Used to buy local maps at gas stations and carefully plot out trips on them. Then we would print off maps and use those.

    * In the US (and probably other places idk) televisions used to “turn off” at night. As in, stations closed for the night and there were no programs. They showed the flag, played the anthem in the states, and then…nothing until morning. This went on up through the 80s (and in the 90s in some rural areas).

    * Ruby Bridges is only in her 60s.

    * There are a surprising number of people that were born and lived through enslavement in the states that died as late as the [60s](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_last_survivors_of_American_slavery). Which means they passed on actual memories of being enslaved to their children and grandchildren. Only a few generations have passed.

    * If you missed a television show a few years ago, you just…missed it. Unless you were lucky enough to catch a re-run. I’m 33 and it took 15 years from when it aired for me to actually see the episode of Charmed where Prue died.

    * Credit scores have only been around since 1989.

    * Women could not have their own bank account until the 60s.

  5. The last smallpox outbreak in the US was 1949 and smallpox was officially eradicated worldwide in 1980.

  6. Electrification. My dad still remembers the day the lights just stayed on in the evening, instead of dieing off the moment they turned off the farm’s generator when they finished milking the cows. He was five years old.

  7. The invention of the nuke and accordingly WWII and everything that goes with that – 1939-1945

    The invention of ODI cricket – 1971

    Asbestos was recognised as a bad thing and outlawed from being out in new houses. Same with lead paint – 1970s onwards

    Moon landing (could just be because I’m young) – 1969

    NHL All-Star Games were invented – 1947

    First FIFA World Cup – 1930

  8. My high school students are reading *Just Mercy*, which focuses on various horrific miscarriages of justice in the American South in the 1980s. They keep talking about how things were “back then”. I keep having to be “Listen, I was in high school when this was happening. This was not the distant past”.

    It’s not just “hurr, hurry, kids are dumb”. They are struggling to understand the point of the book because they think these things happened “back then”, and don’t reflect today. Since it’s “history”, they read it as fiction.

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