What should society normalize?

What should society normalize?

28 thoughts on “What should society normalize?

  1. Confronting the obesity crisis across the world instead of largely ignoring it because we’re worried about upsetting people

  2. Understanding of “invisible” and otherwise chronic illnesses. I’ve noticed that there’s very little understanding in regards to invisible/chronic illness, and patients are misunderstood at best or outright believed to be feigning it at worst; I recognize that malingering is a real thing, but a lot of this behavior discourages people who are genuinely suffering from receiving the care/treatment they need.

  3. Men crying.

    I hate it when I’m friends with a man and they feel they can’t cry in front of me

  4. Paternity testing.

    It’s completely ridiculous that it’s illegal in places like France, for example.

  5. Debating
    Just because you disagree doesn’t mean they think you are wrong
    I find a lot of people nowadays opinions make up part of their personality so are more defensive than willing to understand another’s point of view
    Through understanding I honestly think it would be a better world

  6. That basic necessities for being alive and being functional in society should be a human right.

  7. Not harassing people who are respectful but don’t agree with certain communities/ opinions

  8. The idea that men should have exactly the same legal rights and privileges as women because men absolutely do not. As bad as shit was for women in 1970 is as bad as they are for men today. We way over corrected and the total injustice in the system has remained completely unchanged. It’s just shifted from one group to the other.

  9. Contraversial, but not accepting and removing violent individuals from public spaces permanently. Turning a blind eye to aggressive people and simply avoiding their gaze is not enough.

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