What should society de-normalize?

What should society de-normalize?

50 thoughts on “What should society de-normalize?

  1. Bragging about or encouraging working 40+ hrs a week.

    edit- I meant working OT but in terms of “de-normalize” I’d also include the 40hr work week. Some one just came up with 40-50 hrs and it’s ridiculous. It’s a time suck to be stuck at work for clock filling sake when you’ve already completed a reasonable amount of work.

  2. Making comments to little kids about how much they’re gonna fuck when they’re older.

    like “wow, look at the little lady killer. He’s gonna have to fight off the girls when he gets older” & “he’s so handsome. He’ll be such a player”

  3. Having children just because you can.
    Not everyone is a suitable parent. Some people shouldn’t have children imo

  4. Pressuring people to have a child, be it by family, or anyone else. It’s not “the adult thing to do”, not something “every adult should do”, nor a thing that will fix your problems, marital or otherwise.
    Sincerely, a child with a dysfunctional family.

  5. There are many… but recently Gender Reveal parties are all the rage (or any other made up excuse for social media content) and they are just stupid

  6. People justifying being a bully because they’re doing it ‘for the right reasons’.

  7. Expecting you to be constantly connected to your phone. I hate all the implicit social rules about text messaging and getting back to people and shit.

    Oh no, your feelings got hurt because I didn’t respond in 2 minutes to your meme? I’m soooo sorry it’s not like I wasn’t, I don’t know, busy or something?

  8. Celebrity culture. Please for the love of god I sincerely don’t give a single shit about what any out of touch pricks did with their cereal, spouse, ex spouse, or fucking toe nails. Their toxicity is literally poisoning the well of our society.

  9. Food wastage. Lots of stores and restaurants throwout substandard food to maintain a level of quality that makes customers trust them, but it leads to enormous waste.

  10. Not visually supporting a movement on the internet means you’re against it for some reason.

  11. Making fun of someone for being single.

    I’ve never been in a relationship or a date, but I know I’ve never hurt anyone, unless someone had feelings for me which I doubt. Seeing my parent’s toxic marriage made me realize that relationships can really fuck up your life. Same applies with my dad’s dad and my grandmother. Be glad some of us fucked up people are choosing not to pass on generational trauma.

  12. Lootbox system or those shitty subscriptions. If you paid for a product you own it period.

  13. Waking up early being a trait of an industrious person. We haven’t needed to follow the agricultural pattern of the sun in like a hundred years, people who have later circadian rhythms have value and work hard too.

  14. Giving so much of a f*** about celebrities. From a place in the world that is a first world country but lacks celebrities, I couldn’t give a shit. Yet everyone seems to care as if they are family. They don’t care about you!

  15. Incivility and intolerance of people with different views and from different walks of life. Media sensationalizing everything just to make a buck regardless of the damage they do to society. Deforestation and destruction of wildlife habitat for profit. Government corrupted by lobbying, crony capitalism, cutting deals. The general population being farmed by corporations, corporate ownership of news media, corporate monopolies, consumerism, celebrating money over substance. The military industrial complex.

  16. Sexuilizing minors.

    just think of all the insanely popular shows that contain sex scenes with characters who are minors.

  17. Feeling like one have to know what they want to do with life at like age 16-20. I feel like it’s very stressful and unrealistic.

  18. Protecting Young offenders for serious violent crimes. Like in Canada, a group of 13-16 year olds got together to beat a homeless man to death last month. 3 of them are out on bail.

  19. Having children as a default. The fact it’s only considered a family if it includes children.

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