What secret are you keeping from your family?

What secret are you keeping from your family?

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  1. Infertility, miscarriage, and now an early pregnancy. Hoping to tell them in a few months if this one sticks around.

  2. I’m planning to have my birth name removed from my legal full name. It associates me with a label I reject

  3. My husband had an affair. I don’t want them to hate him. It’s my choice to forgive him. But if I had someone to talk to about it, it would be so much easier. I have a therapist. Just wish I could afford her more than once a week.

  4. I smoke weed still. They spent a lot of money to keep me clean off of all substances

  5. I get anxiety.I deal with it but I don’t tell them. They suffer from it just as much. They only come to me for issues they need help with but it’s very hard to ask them for help. I don’t have many people to turn to when I need help

  6. They know I’m bipolar and on the correct meds, but they have no idea how it makes me feel every moment of the day

  7. What kind of porn I watch, suicidal thoughts and depression. I don’t want to talk about my depression with them because it will just make it worse.

  8. One of the family members that have passed on, sexually abused me for years. Many bruises claimed from being from other things, were done out of retaliation onto me for trying to speak out.

    They were beloved from the rest of my family. The family thought he was an honorable individual.

  9. When I was 17 I got a girl pregnant and paid for the abortion. This was only a few years after Roe V Wade and my parents would have freaked. I’m 64 now and my parents have passed and my siblings and current family don’t know. I’ve always thought it was something I should share with my wife but frankly I don’t see the point at this stage.

  10. I’m in the process of writing a novel, another novel, a tv script, another novel, and some play(s).

    I’m ace.

    I don’t care about trig/precalc even though I’m expected to ace math.

    I do not believe in many of outr “values” that are allegedly based in our religion (parents above everybody, trans = bad, you deserve all bad things).

  11. That I am in fact, not happy about being the one they make do everything because i am the middle child and they dont think its okay to bother my older or younger brothers. And that i obviously am not busy doing shit.

    Oh wait its not a fucking secret. Stop pestering me with shit they can do mom 🖕

  12. I’m hiding that I know I was diagnosed with Autism when I was 4 from my parents. My aunt only recently told me after they hid it for over 25 years.

    I suspected something was up due to a number of factors but am surprised they would hide something like this for so long.

  13. My parents are never getting grandchildren, and they only have themselves to blame

  14. that I have suffered for years living with my family. That it was somehow a relief to move out, even though I love and therefore miss them now. That it hurts me that they haven’t realized how much I suffered. That it hurts me that they never call.

  15. Most of my life. I cut a lot of my immediate family members out because they were too toxic and issued for me to deal with. I’ve been a lot happier and more stress-free since but even though I have gained many achievements to write home about, I have 0 desire to reconnect with them just for that.

  16. Most of my family are Hindus. Most of them think I care about “my religion” as much as they do. I honestly couldn’t give a shit. And while there are some values in the religion I will stand by till my last breath, there are some that, in terms of whats best for my family, we should not by following

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