What questions are you tired of seeing on Ask Reddit?

What questions are you tired of seeing on Ask Reddit?

44 thoughts on “What questions are you tired of seeing on Ask Reddit?

  1. “If someone offered you a million bajillion super dollars to sit on a thumbtack for 13.42 days, would you do it???”

  2. “What’s an immediate red flag/green flag in a relationship?”

    “What are you listening to right now?”

    “What’s your favourite _______?”

    “Who’s the _______ person you know?”

    “What’s your top 5 ________?”

    “Students of Reddit, what happened to the _______ in your school?”

    and NSFW questions made by silly teenagers

  3. What is something illegal that should be legal, and vice versa.

    What was “the incident” in your school

    What would you do if you woke up as the opposite sex

    What are you doing with the money if you won the lottery

    What is your opinion on Andrew Tate

    And the inevitable flood of the opposite of the top question on the front page hoping for karma.

  4. Do men/women like X?

    Do women like X penis trait?

    Just super general shit that always has “some do some don’t” as an answer

  5. What’s the sexiest sex you ever sexed & what made it so sexy?

    What conspiracy theory do you actually believe?

    What’s your paranormal story?

    What’s the best advice you ever received?

    What’s a red flag in a relationship?

  6. Any NSFW questions that have the same basic format that screams “Behold the power of horny summoning!”

  7. Europeans, what is the ____ about America and vice versa.

    Its a whole clown fiesta getting both sides railed up with nothing to be gained



  8. “How did you get that scar?”

    “What song do you want played at your funeral?”

    “What do you want written on your tombstone?”

  9. So sick of the my country versus your country dick swinging competitions. Every place has advantages and disadvantages. Just shut up and enjoy Reddit communities.

  10. This one >:C

    For real though, I’ll have to say “What was great before everyone started doing it?”

  11. Someone’s obligated to reply with “this one”.

    They’re kind of correct. I’ve kind of given up on asking genuine questions because all I get are asinine or aggressively defensive responses. This sub kinda sucks.

  12. People of reddit, what is the sexiest sexy sexy sexy sex you have ever vagina sex penis sex sex sex??

  13. “What is legal that should be illegal” and vice versa

    “Would you watch a show of a Billionaire CEO……”

    Literally any question involving your username.

  14. What’s your most controversial opinion?

    Top comments are usually:

    I believe climate change is bad

    Puppies/kittens are cute

    Everyone should make a living wage

    I hate bad people

    (Basically none of the top comments are remotely controversial)

  15. Question where no one can answer or question that attack the people who the question is asked to. For instance: Billionaires of reddit, why don’t you have a soul?

  16. 1. What’s your body count?

    2. Straight people, would you have gay sex?

    3. What would you do if you switched genders for a day?

    4. What kind of questions you’re tired of seeing on Ask Reddit?

  17. “Women of Reddit, what’s the sexiest sexy sexiest sexual interaction sexiest sexy experience you have experienced.”

  18. “Old people, what would you tell your ten year old self?”

    “Old people, what advice would you give to a young person?”

  19. “What album is a perfect 10/10” or “What album is flawless start to finish” or any variation. Feel like I see it every week and get immediate 10,000+ upvotes

  20. Why don’t you want to have kids?

    I know in **real life** this conversation may be uncommon and hard to have when surrounded by parents but come on, there’s a whole subreddit to talk about why you don’t want/like children, why come here and constantly ask child free people why they are child free. It’s almost as annoying as hearing parents always talk about why they love being parents/love their kids.

    I don’t even click those posts anymore because it’s always the same answers over and over and over. It’s a drag.

  21. I’m getting sick of the sob story prompting questions like “men what do women not understand about you?”

  22. all the ‘men of reddit…’ ‘women of reddit…’

    But honestly mostly the men ones because it always ends up becoming a complete whine fest about something strange like men not receiving enough compliments or no one taking care of men. I think people get back what they give out in life and this is not gender specific.

    Then there will ALWAYS be that one female poster like ‘I always make sure to give at least 100 compliments to men a day and initiate everything!!’ and then there’s about a million replies from men like ‘we salute you O-O’ it’s very very cringe.

  23. The endless NSFW questions. I swear sometimes it seems like this subreddit is just people who are getting off by reading people’s “sexy” stories.

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