What is your favourite animal and why?

What is your favourite animal and why?

31 thoughts on “What is your favourite animal and why?

  1. Used to be a die hard dog guy, but my gf and i got a cat and they’re some of the most peaceful but psychotic pets. I love them so much.

  2. Butterflies!! Because of the evolution from caterpillar to the actual butterfly. It’s amazing!!

  3. People often don’t think of insects as animals… but they are! My favorite are dragonflies. Beautiful, harmless, eat tons of bad bugs that ARE harmful

  4. Tigers. Theory has it that I bonded with the ones at my local zoo when I was very young. They are big and fuzzy and the baddest dudes to walk the face of the Earth. I like all wildcats, but tigers are definitely the coolest. It is also for this reason that orange is my favorite color.

  5. unpopular opinion: spiders

    I love them. They are fun to watch and photograph, come in lots of pretty shapes and colors, they are some of the most intelligent invertebrates, and they eat other bugs that I consider pests.

  6. American Buffalo: Only animal that ventured into storms so it’s done sooner. Great metaphor for life

  7. horseshoe crab

    has blue blood thats used everywhere in medical field – you have benefitted from horseshoe crab

    hasnt changed much in a million years

    has 10 eyes

    looks like a spikey roomba but very docile like puppy

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