what is the most craziest thing you know about the universe?

what is the most craziest thing you know about the universe?

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  1. There is a planet twice the size of earth called 55 Cancei E made out of diamond .

  2. If the observable universe was the size of the earth…it would take light 7,000 years to go about six feet.

  3. That once iron begins to form in the heart of a giant star, it has a very short time before exploding into a supernova, in which all heavier elements are formed. In other words, your frying pan killed a star. Here’s a video explaining why iron production kills stars. Edit 2: The star, not the presence, is killed by the creation of iron.

  4. If the predicted life span of the universe were spread over 1 hour we would only be about 15 secs in.

  5. So as a child and I assume like many others, I drew the sun as a yellow circle. I would also draw the stars in the night sky as white dots.

    Stars are actually different colours and give off different colours of light across the spectrum depending upon their chemical composition.

    Our own star (the sun) gives off more green light than anything else. It’s just so bright that it appears white when we look directly at it. And the atmosphere diffracts that light to appear yellow in the blue sky. 🙂

  6. It would take less than a teaspoon of neutron star to equal the mass of the Great Pyramid.

  7. The entire universe might be an extremely large black hole. The math and physics are consistent with that interpretation. That is, you’d have to go faster than the speed of light to get beyond the edge of the universe.

    Which raises the possibility that there might be another larger universe outside of ours, that we just can’t reach.

  8. Theres a type of neutron star called a magnetar with a powerful magnetic force. (I just had to recheck the figures and info as its been a while: https://www.space.com/30263-paul-sutter-on-why-magnetars-are-scary.html) the magnetic field is measured as 1 gauss, the strongest magnetic field we can produce is a few hundred thousand. A typical Neutron star is 1 TRILLION gauss. A magnetar? 1 quadrillion gauss. That’s 1000 trillion stronger than earth.

    If you’re close enough, it’ll dissolve you. If you go to What If on this subject it’ll give you a lot more info on ranges. But the take home is, it can be scarily far away from us and still wipe the planet out. The scarier thing? We did get hit by one of these magnetic fields in 2004. What if goes on to explain if it was “relatively” closer to us, not by much, we’d have been wiped out. We wouldn’t even have been aware, just blinked and gone.

  9. The biggest most massive black holes have an event horizon that are as large as our solar system.

  10. That you can ask, “Which universe?”, and probably not be considered crazy, is a crazy enough fact for me.

  11. There’s a theoretical thing called “False Vacuum” that can just happen anywhere at anytime in the Universe…and the minute that it does, it cannot be destroyed or stopped and it will expand on all sides at the speed of the light, basically destroying reality as we know it.

    In fact, there could be an expanding bubble of false vacuum headed towards us right now and we wouldn’t know it until we just ceased to exist.

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