What is the grossest pizza topping that is commonly offered in your country?

What is the grossest pizza topping that is commonly offered in your country?

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  1. in the uk there is, or at least was, a baked bean pizza. yes, italians through history are turning in their graves.

  2. Lebanese pizza tends to have corn on it. Corn isn’t bad, but has no place on a pizza.

  3. I encountered haggis pizza on my recent trip to Scotland. I like haggis, but I can see how others would be turned off.

  4. I had a mashed potato pizza yesterday. Not disgusting, just thought I’d throw that out there.

  5. There’s a place nearby that is known for their pickle pizza. It sounds gross, but oddly interesting at the same time.

  6. There’s a pizzeria where I’m from that serves a pizza with tomato sauce, cheese, banana, pineapple, corn, pine nuts, peanuts and raisins on it. I’ve never tried it (for obvious reasons), but it sound absolutely disgusting imo

  7. We have a vegetarian pizza place that only makes one flavor a day. It is delicious-but often very surprising and downright weird combinations. My husband and I were having their cabbage blue cheese walnut pizza and I’m like- I can’t believe I’m eating this and loving it. Eggplant..potato..leeks.. you name it- I’ve eaten and loved them all. It’s all in the maker not the ingredient list.

  8. Haggis and fried egg or tuna are both pizzas I’ve had in my city and disliked.

  9. I genuinely believe that everything can go on a pizza. Now I’m not saying you can throw bananas on your sausage and pepperoni pizza from dominos and it will be good, you have to find the ring combination of ingredients and order from a place that actually has good ingredients. Pizza is too versitile,I think when people hate on pizza toppings they either haven’t tried it and imagine it going on a basic pizza with red sauce and basic ingredients where they don’t go together or they have tried it but just had some low quality pizza. Some interesting pizzas/toppings I’ve had in my day – Cheeseburger pizza, ketchup+mustard sauce, beef, sliced American cheese, pickles, bacon. Thanksgiving pizza, mashed potato and gravy sauce, turkey, green beans, stuffing. Breakfast pizzas with salsa sauce, eggs, bacon. We’ve had artichoke heart pizza, cheeze it pizza. I used to work at a pizza place just a couple doors down from a grocery store so we were always experimenting with pizzas, and I just wanted to talk about pizza because it’s fun

    All that being said I’m guna cheat and say anchovies because they are smelly

  10. In India and Pakistan they offer ketchup as a condiment for pizza and I just don’t understand

  11. It is not commonly offered in my country, but I know a place that offers pizza with marshmellows, along with tomato sauce and cheese.

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