What is the dumbest thing you got punished for in school?

What is the dumbest thing you got punished for in school?

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  1. There was this kid who was routinely talking about how his parents were gay. Like every day, dozens of times. I finally said “No one cares that your parents are gay” and was suspended for 2 days

  2. Not me. But a friend got kicked out for 3 days due the snapping a clip board. Teacher and principal said it sounded like a gun shot.

  3. Raised my hand to a silly joke during class (5th grade) and it made the teacher so angry that she gave me a red card and I wasn’t allowed to participate in activities the rest of the day.

  4. “Anybody who didn’t get this question right come and see me. I’m not going to shout at you.”

    Immediately started shouting at me for getting the answer wrong

  5. Wearing a non-uniform jumper. Had a note from the parents explaining why (school uniforms can be crazy expensive here) but still got told to leave school grounds and was given detention when I refused.

  6. My friend got punished for puking in detention. He asked to go to the restroom and said he wasn’t feeling well, the teacher told him to sit down. He grabbed her trash can and took it back to his desk, then vomited into it (very loudly.) We all got into trouble for laughing and had to spend extra time in detention because of it. He got another day of detention as he was unable to complete it due to the puking.

  7. 3rd grade talking to a kid and said the word condominium. Teacher heard me say condom. Got sent home

  8. I fucking HATED the “one person did something bad so its time to punish the whole class so they’ll go full mob mentality on that one person and they’ll not do the bad thing again” tactic. Its absolutely unfair, its also stupid, and also really vindictive and cruel trying to get a whole class to gang up against one person. Thankfully it never worked, we never turned against that kid doing something wrong, we knew exactly who to blame for the whole class getting in trouble over nothing.

  9. I got banned from my schools computer lab for “installing viruses”. I visited a website that mentioned viruses, that’s all…

    It was 2 weeks before my final exams there, so I didn’t care and just studied at home (as I would have anyway)

  10. In high school, I got a detention for wearing a green sweater on ugly Christmas sweater day. The teacher said it wasn’t ugly, so I should have been in uniform.

    In middle school, I got kicked out of social studies class. We were talking about political cartoons/comics in class. The teacher put an example up on the projector. It was of Andrew Jackson. The teacher asked the class, “so what do you notice about this cartoon?” I raised my hand and said, “he looks like Don King (the old boxing promoter with the grey hair that stands straight up).” Teacher was like, “you’re done. Out.” In my defense, Jackson’s hair in the cartoon looked exactly like Don King’s. I, for one, would have been impressed with me if I was the teacher. I don’t expect many kids at my age would have known who Don King was. He apparently was not amused.

  11. Was pulled out of class to be told I was going to be suspended for unplugging the mouse on the PC I was using in the computer lab. I never touched it nor thought of it. The person sitting in front of me unplugged it and when I tried to defend myself I was immediately told to stop lying and was suspended on the spot. They had cameras in the room and I told them that they could check them and prove I didn’t do it. Of course, their response was “that would just be a waste of time”. This was just one instance of many many other times I got punished for either something I didn’t do or something so incredibly petty and miniscule.

  12. The teacher didn’t like me. I was pointing at the board to explain what was going on to the guy next to me. She said I pointed at her with my middle finger and gave me detention.

  13. I had a bully in high school and he pushed me to the ground and I didn’t do anything back (dude was huge).. but still got detention for fighting.. WTF!

    I’m 39 now and still think about it all the time.

  14. Home schooled, but I guess it counts. Mom punished me because my lower case r’s didn’t look like the way she writes them (her r’s look like lower case m’s ). Naturally I also got in trouble when I **did** write them how she wanted. There were alot of catch 22s like that.

  15. English is my second language, and for a long time throughout elementary and most of middle school, I was down right horrid at writing and composition. In 7th grade, we were assigned a persuasive essay and I remember thinking to myself that it was a very interesting prompt, and that I was going to use this opportunity to finally improve my writing. So I worked my little 7th grade ass off to write the best essay that I could, and it was probably the first time that I was really proud of something I had produced.

    When my teacher returned the essays back to the class, mine was curiously absent from the pile and I was called to stay after class to talk about it. To my utmost surprise, my teacher accused me of cheating on the essay. He was adamant that I was not capable of improving my writing to this degree, and that “there was no way that [I] could’ve written something at this quality.” I still remember his exact words. I don’t remember exactly what the punishment was, probably like a week of detention or something. But the worst punishment was the pain of being accused of cheating on something I had worked so hard on; also the near malicious prescriptive assumption that it was more plausible that I cheated than actually being capable of high quality work. It stung then, and it has kept stinging to this day.

    tl;dr Applied myself in school for the first time, and got accused of cheating instead.

  16. I got sent out of the classroom because someone else farted. So how it happened was I heard a loud fart from the guy in front of me. I then shared a look with this guy who was sitting next to me, we weren’t even friends or anything but we both just look as each other for a while and started laughing unconteillably so the teacher told us to leave.

  17. In the 4th(?)grade, we are forced to sit on the floor for some kind of assembly and I got in trouble for leaning back against a wall because it wasn’t fair that kids sitting in the middle of the room didn’t have a wall to lean against.
    Never forgot how stupid that was almost 30 years laer. And adults are still this dense and still treat children like little robots.

  18. Raising my hand to ask a question and getting put into a store cupboard as a punishment. I still don”t know what I did wrong and 30 years on it is a mystery.

  19. Reading. Since I read fast I would usually finish assignments/tests before others and would then read for pleasure. Most of my teachers didn’t believe I had finished and would send me to the office where I would have to prove what I did

  20. Watching the movie Old Yeller in first grade. The scene where the kid opens the door to the shed and figures out he has rabies, I lean over to a friend and say “I bet they’re going to have to shoot the dog.”

    Got dragged out into the hall and yelled at for giving away the ending. I didn’t know the ending. I didn’t see the ending that time, and I never have. Never read the book, either. It was a guess. My IQ is higher than my shoe size, so I guessed right. I tried to tell the teacher that, but she wouldn’t have any of it.

    Fuck you, Mrs. Sanderson. You were a horrible teacher.

  21. My 2nd grade teacher hated me. She would scream in my ear if I said I had a migraine, which was quite frequently, because according to her only adults can get migraines. I also have had an extremely low pain tolerance my whole life, so I cry a lot whenever I get hurt. She would always yell at me for crying when I got hurt, saying that big boys say “ouch” when they get hurt. The one time I did say “ouch”, which I was really proud of myself for, especially because it was after another kid accidentally stepped on my hand while wearing snow boots, she got the angriest I had ever seen her. It’s unfortunate my elementary school had no detention or suspension, because I was too scared to tell my parents how abusive that teacher was

  22. In 6th grade, my social studies teacher gave me a zero because I would get really bad anxiety when it came to talking in front of the class.

  23. I would finish my in-class assignments way ahead of most other students in elementary school. My 3rd grade teacher, who just did not like me, would give me extra work and make a show of it. She would berate me and occasionally withhold recess until I finished the extra work.

  24. I got detention for being near a group of guys who were being loud during a study hall with a sub. The guys even told the teacher and admin staff o wasn’t talking with them. I was just doing my homework.

    I got in school suspension for bullying for messing with another students desk next to mine. He would constantly run into it causing everything to fall.m and blame me.

  25. My 6th grade teacher accused me of smoking weed (I’ve never smoked in my life, ever.)
    I wasn’t feeling well so i rested my head on my desk.
    He then came up to my desk and smacked the side to intimidate me.
    “Tell me the truth!”
    “I just fucking told you.”
    He sent me to the principals office.
    The principal gave me an earful too.
    Told them both they were fucking idiots and to call my parents.
    My mother arrives.
    Explains to both of them i don’t smoke and never have.
    Turns out i was having a severe allergic reaction to penecilin.

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