What is something that nobody hates?

What is something that nobody hates?

27 thoughts on “What is something that nobody hates?

  1. When you’re at a party as a plus one, like you’re with your partner but you don’t know anyone but him/her and don’t want to cling to them all night. But then some other person sees that and makes the effort to speak to you and introduce you to others.

    No one hates that guy.

  2. I’d have to wager on nothing. There are 8 billion of us. There are people out there who hate anything out there. Hell I’d bet there are some crusty old curmudgeons out there who hate new planets we haven’t found yet.

  3. Finally getting into bed after a LOOOONG day of work / school. That feeling just hits different

  4. Communist dictators. As you can see, 120% of our population adores us. If you think someone said that they hated us, please, let us know. That way we can… talk… to them and show them why they should love us.

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