What is it going to take for you to buy an EV?

What is it going to take for you to buy an EV?

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  1. Winning the lottery?

    Winning an EV in a contest?

    Or! Having Elon musk give me on for free

  2. The death of my hybrid. 17 yrs old and still under 200k. When it does, hopefully there’ll be even better and even less expensive full ev options for me

  3. Once they become reasonably priced and the miles per charge increase.

    I know a lot EV brands advertise 300 miles plus per charge, but that’s if you drive like grandma.

  4. Someone else paying, because I buy my cars used, and I would not likely buy a used EV since the batteries are likely at much lower capacity. And, if I am buying new, someone else is paying.

  5. I bought a new car last year. I looked at the electrics but just to break even on the extra cost of the EV I would have to drive it 250,000 miles. I have never put that many miles on a car.

    The fact remains, gas cars are still cheaper. Until that changes they won’t be going anywhere.

  6. My Honda Pilot to die.

    It has 200,000 miles and runs beautifully. When I ws a kid if a car had 100,000 miles it was a complete piece of crap.

  7. I’d take a Ford Lightning, it would suit me very well, I even have space for a little solar farm.

    Just can’t justify 60k on a new truck, they need to be 10 -15 years old and beat up a little.

  8. For starters, my current car breaking down. I’m not going to buy a new car while I have a paid off car that runs perfectly fine.

  9. My wife got our first EV ever last August and it’s been great. Can’t lie

    I’ve been tempted ever since to get one myself and trade in my ICE car. My monthly payments will be lower and I’ll get rid of a $200 plus budget for gas using our home charger in the garage.

    It’s inevitable I think!?

  10. More charging locations. Wish the US did the same as Europe and made all manufacturers use the same charger.

  11. It’d need be able to pull 10 tons of hay in the middle of winter (- temps) for a 200 mile round trip.

  12. Dual EV owner here. They’re great *and* a lot of the points in this thread are completely valid.

    A major one that needs to be addressed is charging capabilities in apartment complexes. It will hold back a massive amount of people from going electric. An incredible business opportunity for someone out there to crack.

  13. ITT: people with 30-40k disposable income trying to convince poorer people that it’s cheap to buy

  14. Everyone’s already mentioned the “affordability” reason, so I’m gonna bring-up another major reason that I can’t see myself ever willingly buying an electric car.

    **Make me a simple, right-to-repair EV, that isn’t comprised 90% of computers.** I’m against electric cars because there are so many extra ways for these corporations to implement some form of **”Planned Obsolescence”**. Gas powered cars are much easier to repair by the average individual, and can last decades if maintained properly (in many cases). I want to buy a car that I can **maintain myself**, and **still be using 25-30 years from now.** I GUARANTEE that 95 percent of the EV’s made today will have been scrapped by 2035.

    It’ll be just like light bulbs. When Incandescent light bulbs were on the market, LED light bulbs were advertised as “they will last 15 years without burning out!”. However **since Incandescent light bulbs were taken off the market, LED lights conveniently stopped lasting as long**. I have LED light bulbs from 2008 that are still running, but LED light bulbs I got 3 years ago are starting to fizzle out. We have a chandelier in our dining room with 6 bulbs that we put-in at the same time when we moved 3 years ago. This year, ALL SIX OF THEM had burned-out within the span of 2 weeks. It was almost like it was calculated. This is what I see happening with electric cars.

    I’m seeing these electric cars where the whole middle console is a screen, and everything has a whole host of different new “safety sensors”, computer functions, SIRI, self-driving systems etc, and **All I see is more things to break or malfunction**. **More to maintain**, and it seems like almost all EV’s are doing it. **Cars are gonna become the next smartphone**. Use it for 2 years, until everything starts to break down, and then you get a new one. They talk about these being better for the environment, but how much better for the environment would having to scrap your car every 5 years be. Cars are going from being repairable by a mechanic, to repairable by a fucking computer software engineer, if at all. I hate my smartphone, and wish I could just use some indestructible NOKIA brick that lasts years. **I really don’t want to see my car go the smartphone route.**

  15. A single family home. Good luck getting a charger installed in a condo or rental apartment building!

    Electric vehicles are still an elitist product, especially considering their incredibly inflated prices.

  16. As someone living in South Africa where we have regular power outages for at least 4 hours every day…

    better electrical infrastructure would be appreciated. That infrastructure should preferably use renewable energy, but I know my country by now.

    After that issue is sorted, a way to charge my car in at least every major city.

    Then a battery that holds a charge for at least the same time as a regular car can go with a 70% full tank.

    performance at least equal to a regular car.


    …most importantly

    When I buys the car after we have achieved all this…it shouldn’t cost me my first born child and my entire savings account.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like where everything is headed…I just don’t think we’re near where we need to be.

  17. Could never afford an EV, so I built an electric motorcycle for around $3.5k it’s the bomb, absolutely love it!

  18. Until third party parts are widely available, and local mechanics have the ability to service them, I’m not going to even consider it.

    Can’t imagine buying something that expensive that can’t be worked on, and has obvious planned obsolescence.

  19. I know Reddit likes to hate on big trucks, but some of us do need them for moving equipment/making a living. As mentioned previously EVs can’t touch a diesel for towing/payload capacity. I also firmly believe in getting more than five years out of a vehicle, running a ‘99 F-450 7.3 with a six speed….can’t kill it.

  20. we aren’t going to EV our way out of a climate crisis…. the real question is what will it take for our government to make public transportation more feasible? ( not talking about rural areas obv.)

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