What is a modern skill everyone should learn?

What is a modern skill everyone should learn?

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  1. Programming. Like, not necessarily to a professional degree, but at least enough to have a rough understanding of how programs *work.* I figure it’s like writing – no, not everyone’s gonna be a professional author, but not possessing the skill locks away a lot of understanding the modern world.

  2. How to turn off water/electric supply to their place of residence. Easiest way to save yourself a major headache in an emergency. Also how to change the filter on your furnace. Your home is your biggest investment.

  3. Anyone who works with computers owes it to themselves to take the time and energy to learn how to touch type. I’m surprised how uncommon this skill is considering I work in an office.

  4. Basic computer literacy skills. Ex/ using Microsoft word, excel, navigating emails, copy and paste, printing, etc.

    I was an administrative clerk for my last job and some of my co-workers didn’t know how to copy and paste words from one document to another. It hurt me to see that 😭.

  5. Keyboard shortcuts

    For windoze alt + tab and windows button + tab are some of my favorites to share.

    Also alt + shift + tab will usually tab backward

  6. Managing your own attention. We spend a portion of our time exposed to social media and we all know how much it affects us. There are so many people profiting from producing entertainment and some of it is really not healthy for us. I think it is just important we learn to manage that.

  7. Touch-typing.

    I’m 40. I learned it in high school. In fact, my proactive mother signed my sister and I up for extracurricular typing classes when we were still in grade school, so by high school I was comfortably able to do a 60-minute class assignment in under 5 minutes. I type just about every day of my life for work and play. I type without thinking. The other day I spelled quizzically right on the first try. My fingers knew it was double-Z even if my conscious mind wasn’t sure. That’s how much typing I do.

    I’m fascinated that the 20-somethings in my office did not learn how to type in school and admire my typing skills. I get schools have largely stopped teaching penmanship. What was the rationale behind giving up on typing?

  8. How to vet a source.

    Fact checking has never been easier yet so many people have never learned to do it.

  9. Establishing limits. Don’t be so selfless that others begin to take advantage of your kindness and turn it against you. Don’t be so nice that you begin to dislike the people you’re nice to.

  10. It isn’t ‘modern’, but it seems more and more rare; being able to read and understand what you have read and apply it to knowledge you already had. Some minutes/hours later you should be able to remember what you read; the characters/people, what they did or didn’t do, the main ideas, themes, style, etc.

    That is probably the most important skill to become upwardly mobile, people who work highly skilled jobs have one thing in common, they can digest large amounts of written information with relative ease.

    The second modern skill is how to learn something without getting emotional and defensive. You need to swallow down your ego and take in real-time criticism from an expert and adjust accordingly.

  11. Internet etiquette, charm school for a digital world

    Classes include: how to recognize clickbait; how to tell when someone is arguing in bad faith (“sealioning”); how to prioritize your mental health online and know when it’s time to step away for a while; etc.

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