What hobbies are inexpensive and easy to get started ?

What hobbies are inexpensive and easy to get started ?

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  1. Drawing, learning a musical instrument, jogging/hiking, most crafts, learning a new language

  2. Ramen tasting: I’m a college student, so what I do is go to the grocery store, buy like 3-5 different ramen cups for under 10 dollars, and I cook the ramen for lunch on days I don’t feel like really cooking or going out. I grade on cook time, noodle/solids quality, broth quality, price, and nutrition.

  3. Origami, you can buy paper for it sure but scratch paper around the house works just fine and there are thousands of videos and guides online for every skill level.

  4. Lock picking. A decent set of intro lockpics is like 20 bucks, then you can get locks with lost keys from most locksmiths for next to nothing. It’s fun as shit too.

  5. Programming.

    Tons of tutorials, and if you’re on Reddit, you probably have access to the necessary equipment already.

  6. LARP. You can often show up and groups will have loaner gear to get you started. You can put a lot of money into it over time to get the exact stuff you want but you dont have to depending on how crafty you are.

  7. Sketching. A sketch pad and a set of basic pencils are under 20.00 and there are many free drawing tutorials online to teach yourself technique. It’s easy to take with you too. It takes time to learn, but every hobby does.

  8. If you don’t know how to draw, following some basic exercises as a beginner can be very satisfying and rewarding.

    I enjoy the challenge of hand designing and cutting stencils as well.

    If you have the aptitude and were ever curious about 3d printing, I can say that it comes with a pretty sharp learning curve on the technical side, but once you get it, the process becomes a lot of fun. Additionally there are tens of thousands of 3d printed designs free for download, something for everyone.

  9. I like rockhounding. You can look up what minerals are indigenous to your region and set outings to go find them. Collect, label, and store them forever in milk crates under your stairs! When you visit other places, look up what’s in local quarries or stream beds. Every bit of rockhounding I have ever done has been on public access locations. Just cost me the gas to get there.

  10. TTRPGs like D&D. Starter sets cost maybe 30 bucks, PDFs of rulebooks are pretty much everywhere online, and you can go to a hobby store and get some dice for a few bucks for a complete set.

    If you need a group, try looking on r/lfg. Just make sure you know the rules and are comfortable being a bit wacky.

  11. Reading: You can borrow books from the library or buy them second-hand to read at home.

    Gardening: You can start a small vegetable or flower garden in your backyard or on your balcony with just a few basic tools and seeds.

    Cooking: You can learn to cook new dishes using basic kitchen tools and ingredients that you can find at your local grocery store.

    Painting or drawing: You can purchase a sketchbook and some basic art supplies, such as pencils, markers, or paint, to start drawing or painting at home.

    Hiking: You can explore the outdoors by going on a hike in a nearby park or nature reserve. All you need is a good pair of shoes and a water bottle.

    Photography: You can take photographs using a smartphone or an inexpensive point-and-shoot camera.

    Yoga: You can practice yoga at home with the help of online tutorials or yoga apps

    Writing: You can start writing a journal, a blog or even start writing a book.

  12. Disc golf.

    You can find starter sets online or visit stores like Play it Again Sports if you don’t have a disc golf shop near you.

    There’s free courses all over the US (not sure if that’s your locale) and worldwide.

    Check out /r/DiscGolf for more info

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