what has covid ruined forever?

what has covid ruined forever?

27 thoughts on “what has covid ruined forever?

  1. School Cancellations

    Before COVID, teachers posted all of thier assignments on one website for students to get done sometime throughout the day. Since COVID we have to do zoom for each class, not for too long for each class, but doing zoom sucks because you have to wait around for your next class. Before you could just get all your assignments done in an hour if you could and go outside afterwards.

  2. Cinema. People were at home too long they all forgot how to behave. It was never great but it’s like a god dam zoo now

  3. My lungs

    ETA: I got covid in February 2020. Most nations hadn’t even read the COVID memo yet. I’m happy I am alive, most of the days anyway.

  4. COVID ruined the idea I had that people were inherently good and kind. Everyone showed their true colours and there have definitely been things said and done that can’t be forgotten or unheard. Friendships and marriages destroyed. Makes me sad, but also I feel it’s good to know who your actual friends are, no matter what choice you made.

  5. Spontaneity. Everything seems to need to be pre-booked now. Really ruins surprise days off.

  6. Coughing in public. Used to cough to cover up a fart, now I have to fart to cover a cough or sneeze

  7. On a work-related note, conference calls for meetings. Gone are the days where you can just have a conference call at work without needing to have your camera turned on – and if you don’t have video turned on, everyone questions why. I don’t always need to be on camera! The Zoom burnout is real.

  8. My partner is an RT (respiratory therapist, AKA front line), and I would say the morale of pretty much all of healthcare workers. The burnout is so real, and it’s gotten monstrously worse since covid.

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