What could be done to prevent mass shootings?

What could be done to prevent mass shootings?

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  1. Stop turning shooters into celebrities in the media

    Edit: Some people are confused. 1 not making them celebrities doesn’t mean talking about mass shootings. Just not plastering their names and faces everywhere.

    2 I’m British. I dont know what’s best for Americans as well as they do. But here’s some thoughts

    I don’t think you can copy-paste uk policy to the US. it’s like changing someones intrinsic identity. Take Iran for example. One of the lowest alcohol mortality rates. Imagine an Iranian saying to a British person “why don’t you just ban alcohol! It causes so much death. We banned it and our rate of mortality due to alcohol is one of the lowest in the world”

    You’d say something like “why should I give up something I enjoy and is part of my culture because a few bad apples take it too far?”

    From talking to them, Americans view guns the same way. “why does someone else doing wrong with guns have any bearing on me who’s just using it for fun/protection?

    I’d say a mix is gun regulations and mental health support and not making martyrs of shooters has the best chance.

  2. People need to have real honest conversations with their loved ones and friends when the red flags go flying. Many of these shootings are not random and the warning signs were present. Help that woman escape her abuser, tell your brother to grow the fuck up and stop being abusive, take your son’s firearms when you know they are an abusive alcoholic, etc… Most of these people don’t live in isolation and people turn a blind eye because they feel it’s not their problem or place to insert themselves. Be brave and speak up. It could save someone’s life.

  3. A lot of these mass shooters aren’t just coming out of nowhere,, according to this [study](https://efsgv.org/press/study-two-thirds-of-mass-shootings-linked-to-domestic-violence/) a solid majority of mass shooting were part of domestic violence or the shooters had a history of domestic violence. Not going to spend all night digging into this, but I wouldn’t be surprised if mass shooters are llikely to have history of other violent or otherwise antisocial(Stalking for example) crimes and behaviors.

    Mass shooting isn’t generally the start, it’s an escalation, and I think it’s a pretty good indication that we really need to handle domestic violence and other such crimes a lot better, if not for how fucked up it already is, then to stop it from escalating into something worse.

  4. Domestic violence laws that actually do something. 60% of mass shooters have past DV issues. But if you look at the DV numbers in cops, then you’ll start to really see the problem. And healthcare for everyone.

  5. Make therapy more easily accessible for people who are middle or lower class. And actually take mental health and bullying seriously, instead of falsely advocating for it and brushing it off when people need serious mental help.

    Edit: I’ve accidentally left out another point I meant to make. I thought I’d share it upon remembering it.
    recognize signs when someone is going to be a threat to themselves or other people and do something about it, it’s important to note when someone is planning to hurt themselves or other people.

  6. As a teacher, it starts with kids needing love and care at home, which leads to people having their basic Maslow needs met so they aren’t constantly struggling. And mental health needs to become a priority instead of something we mostly ignore in the US. Kids (and adults) seek power and a sense of control through a gun because it’s missing in the rest of their life.

  7. Paying attention and actually DOING something when there’s a threat. Just look at the shooting by the six-year-old a few weeks ago. His teacher, the victim, has retained a lawyer because there were MULTIPLE times that day where the kid was reported to have a gun and administration just kept blowing it off. There were half a dozen times just that day that the incident could have been prevented, not to mention all the red flags on previous days.

  8. Reverse the Reagan-era policies that closed most of the state-run mental health treatment facilities.

    My family had a crisis with my brother last year and me and my father spent all day calling facilities all over Texas. The soonest anyone could get him in was 7 months.

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