What are Redditor’s views on prostitution?

What are Redditor’s views on prostitution?

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  1. Crack down extremely hard and harshly on any and all trafficking.

    Legalize it, tax it, regulate it.

  2. Brothels should be legal everywhere so people can provide the service in a controlled and safe environment with health care. People are going to, and often time need to, do it anyways.

  3. If by choice and no coersion or force and if keeps money (or most of, like hairdresser) then no issues. The main problem is its so taboo and forced underground by law there is no regulation.

    What a person chooses to do to or with their own body is down to them as long as it does not impact others against their will.

  4. Legalize it, regulate it.. Regular medical checkups.

    There is such a thing as sex slavery.. so it would probably diminish (not eliminate) that if it was legal.

    It could be ran like a regular business, safe rooms for it instead on the street with pimps and violence.

    I know there is always going to be a moral debate but we have to be pragmatic about it, it’s the worlds oldest profession.

  5. My instinct would be that the institution will always exist one way or the other so it’s best to regulate it, tax it, insist on regular std testing etc…

    But I think I read a report that legalisation just results in increased demand and hence, more sex trafficking from more vulnerable regions of the world to places where sex work is legalised.

    No easy answers.

  6. I honestly don’t see how it’s empowering. Isn’t the whole industry based on misogyny?

  7. Having prior experience experience in the field, I strongly advise against all facets of the industry. It’s just not worth it

  8. I’ve been In very remote mining areas where prostitution is very much known.
    Ratio of men to women is roughly 10:1.
    Some do-gooders tried to change the laws so that it was illegal as it was seemed as immoral.
    The women of the town challenged the do-gooders and said that they supported it. A lot less sexual assaults etc when it was made legal. They don’t want it being turned back.

  9. I don’t think legalizing will make it safer. There are a lot of counties where it’s legal and woman and children are still forced into it. If anything legalizing will give more power to pimps who want to exploit vulnerable women and children.

    There is a small percentage of woman who do it because they want to, the rest are doing it out of necessity, fear, addiction or exploitation.

    Legalizing it won’t solve the core issues which is mostly poverty and lack of access to resources like shelter, food, education and support for mental health.

  10. To quote the late and great George Carlin:

    “Why is it illegal to sell something that’s perfectly legal to give away? I don’t see the logic in that at all!”

  11. I spoke to an ex-prostitute who worked in amsterdam legally in the red light district. I was interested to hear that even though it is legal and they have a measure of protection by police, a large majority of the girls still have pimps. Most are usually from organised east european or african gangs who have paid for them to set up shop. Others pay a % to use local gang members for protection against general abuse, obsessed clients or when they are paying house visits to clients.

  12. I have no problem with sex workers. It’s the pimps and traffickers I have a problem with.

  13. I’m a prude, so personally don’t like the idea. But it’s not about my hang-ups. It’s about choice and safety. It should be legalized and regulated, with the utmost emphasis put on the personal safety of the people who are involved in it.

  14. It’s honestly disgusting, some women have no choice but to get into it because they need money, and some men can’t control their urges at all. I’ll never support it, even if it’s legalized a lot will just be forced into it

  15. The thing about prostitution is the fact that it’s a lucrative business that very few people want to do, so they force people to do it. Prostitution is an incredibly mentally and emotionally demanding job; it ruins women’s lives all the time. People often say if you legalize it it’ll become safer or healthier, but it is inherently demeaning and painful to most people. Some people can be prostitutes and be fine; most cannot. And legalizing it probably wouldn’t make it safer at all. Why do you think cartels aren’t shooting up weed nurseries? Because it’s overall better for business when there’s a chance what you’re doing could be legal. Gives people less motive to investigate. You see this in nations with red light districts all the time. There are so many girls, even in the USA, being lost to human trafficking. And for what? Sexual gratification. So many lives lost for something as stupid as sexual gratification. Even if there is safe sex work, that’s the exception to the rule.

  16. I wouldn’t want to do it (as a worker). But I guess no-one really *wants* to do it. I remember reading that a large percentage of prostitutes/sex workers suffered sexual abuse as children, which puts it into a different light. Not just one study, but many. So it’s not a simple issue.

  17. It’s very very depressing and I wish people didn’t have to resort to it just to afford to live

  18. When society makes it hard to live, and some turn to prostitution to survive, then society is broken.

    Doing sex work for fun and/or physical wealth is all good though.

  19. I just find it odd that the practice is illegal, unless you record it and put it on the internet.

    Making home made adult films isn’t illegal, but prostitution is.

    So, if you pay a prostitute and record it and put it online, then you are fine? Why is it like that? Seems like some kind of oversight to me.

  20. Time to get some H8!

    I’m not really a fan.

    Hold up, listen up: if you’re a sex worker, you do you! I’m some rando on the internet whose opinion is basically not even worth two cents of bandwidth. If you’re making bank selling sex, make that bank! You’re one of the rare few that has escaped pimps, abuse, addiction and trafficking. You won the sex work lottery. Enjoy it!

    My issue with prostitution is not personal but theoretical:, well, part of it is all of the above (the human trafficking, pimps, abuse, etc–read an article that said lately the hot ‘new trend’ in sex trafficking is trans teens, which just broke my heart), but also:

    I worry about the implications of sex work. I’ve had male buddies former military so, ya know, we talk about everything) who basically have come to view women as fleshlights with a pulse. When they have sex, they are thinking solely of getting their rocks off. They are not worried or even thinking about their partner’s pleasure, or, in some cases, even their physical comfort. They have a kink they want to do and they want to do it and think that ‘consent’ is for losers. (If a girl does anal, they want her ‘three hole qualified’ (stick the penis in all three orifices) which is, I mean, objectifying and reductive, and if she doesn’t she’s a ‘stuck up bitch’. There’s literally no winning.

    When guys have most of their sex with prostitutes or sex workers, they seem to come to this idea. I asked about if they ever got their female partners off and got answers like “who cares” and “the female orgasm is a myth” and over confident yeses and “all women fake orgasms”. It’s not really hard for me to connect some dots here.

    And of course, you are reading this and saying ‘wtf, are all your shitty male friends Andrew Tate fanboys?’ Possibly (most of us haven’t talked in years) but the point remains–even if only the Andrew Tate Fanboy Contingent utilize sex work and it reinforces their shitty narcissistic and misogynistic views on sex…isn’t that bad enough?

  21. Words from an actual prostitute (on the street):

    “Would decriminalizing sex work ease some of the danger and exploitation? Shellington shrugs. “I mean, some of it. But there would still be the underbelly.” She says she is sure there are women who freely choose this work as a profession, who were never abused or made to hate themselves, whose bodies are not whiplashed by drug cravings. “I just haven’t met them.”


  22. “Regulate it” — yea, like letting the government regulate how a woman/man sells their body would go well.

    I can see the headlines already:

    “Woman claims to be raped even though she agreed to provide sex services. Denied right to abortion.”

    “She asked for it.”

    Do y’all even know how drugs play into prostitution? People will sell their bodies for drugs when they run out of money. It’s exploitation… Not always I guess, but how can you “regulate” that?

    I don’t mean to be morbid but it’s the legitimate dark side of these things. I’m a female but the example can apply to either gender minus the abortion.

  23. I mean sure it’s work. Getting it legalized would fight back alot of sex trafficking happening and any extreme exploitation.

    But we live under capitalism. So those workers would still get exploited and you have rich assholes getting richer from the labor of prostitutes. It just becomes legal exploitation. So the relationship doesn’t change in any meaningful way. It only softens the blows of being in such a service industry and makes just that less exploitive.

    But my main problem of prostitution is that it is institutionalized rape. It’s literally saying “either you have sex with me or become homeless and starve”. It’s the same as any other work “either work for the big boss and his profits or be homeless and starve”. In the end it’s not a choice, it’s an ultimatum. The difference is for most other jobs you use your labor being treated as a commodity for profits of others (property owners) while in prostitution you use your most intimate body as a commodity for the profits of the same property owners. Unless you’re independent, it’s not going to be pretty.

    So yeah even if it’s legal there will still be the same problems but just soften the issues for a time.

  24. I imagine Reddit’s view are pretty high, considering the fact that it’s the only way any of it’s users will see any action.

  25. Nothing wrong with prostitution. Everything wrong with pimps.

    There’s a reason that being a pimp is illegal in my country while prostitution isn’t.

  26. it should be legal, the workers should have the same rights and protections of any job, and their clients should not be shamed,

  27. Should be legal and regulated. It’s gonna happen notater what, but making it legal will give the workers more freedom and power

  28. Who cares if thats how people make money? Porn is legal. I not only think sex work should be legal but also there should be laws protecting sex workers.

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