Satan opens up Heck, a lighter version of Hell. What kinds of torture are in it?

Satan opens up Heck, a lighter version of Hell. What kinds of torture are in it?

32 thoughts on “Satan opens up Heck, a lighter version of Hell. What kinds of torture are in it?

  1. You’re stuck in the drive thru lane behind the guy from some worksite ordering for everyone off a block of wood.

  2. Your told super interesting stories but are always left on a cliffhanger… and a new unrelated story begins.

  3. Everything that has to do with being endlessly annoying yet non-harmful physically.

    – Waiting in line and everyone is someone that takes forever to process
    – Looking for your key / phone / whatever and not finding them while you could swear you just put them ‘there’
    – Traveling in a silent subway except for that one guy that snores or whistle in an annoying way
    – Being stuck in a workplace with a firealarm going on but unable to find the way out

    And so on

  4. You’re on a road trip and stuck behind 2 trucks blocking the road going really slow

    You constantly feel like you need to sneeze but you never actually sneeze

    All of your socks are slightly damp

    Everything is always slightly too loud

    You’re stuck on a 18 hour flight with a shouty Karen, a baby that’s constantly crying, a bratty kid that keeps kicking your seat, there’s a guy who keeps throwing up and your screen doesn’t work

    There is a rock in your shoe that you can’t get to come out, no matter how hard you try

    All furniture moves slightly after every time you move it so it stubs your toe

    You have an itch on your back that you can’t reach

  5. You are in a loop of someone overtaking you then slowing down to a slower speed than you were going.

  6. It’s normal except for every temperature is slightly colder or warmer than you wanted. Air temperature? Slightly uncomfortable. Fresh steak? Lukewarm. Water? Annoying to drink.

  7. It’s just one dude constantly sniffing the snot back up his nose. Oh, and there’s an unused box of tissues sitting right next to him.

  8. Lego randomly scattered on the floor in a dimly lit room that everyone needs to go through bare-foot to get coffee or something .

  9. An infinite loop of you putting your bedsheets on your bed and another corner pops up

  10. Every beverage is slightly above room temperature.

    The sodas are flat

    Everyday everything moves. 1 inch in a different direction.

    The person you least like is there.

    It’s not hot, it’s not cold, but you constantly think you’re too hot or cold, you’re consistently over and underdressed.

    They only had hard shell tacos and they break apart after one bite

  11. You can hear a distant beeping noise that’s constantly going off, but there’s no consistency or rhythm in it’s timing. It’s not loud, but you can always at least faintly hear it, no matter how much other noise is present.

  12. Feet can’t get warm even though your wearing socks.

    Everyone you talk to has crust in corner of their mouth. Spittle coming from lips.

    No one covers their sneezes.

    Only 1 square on every toilet paper roll, and when you stand up you realize the seat was wet.

  13. Floofy Dogs but they don’t like you and won’t let you pet them.

    You want to go out to eat but all they have is Applebees.

  14. At random intervals while walking around you step in warm dog shit or on a Lego block. It can be weeks or months apart, or even minutes.

  15. A single mosquito. As soon as the bite it leaves heals, it bites you again.

    A cop car is following you. It doesn’t pull you over. In fact nothing happens. But its still right there. It wont fuckin leave.

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