People of reddit, what makes you happy?

People of reddit, what makes you happy?

36 thoughts on “People of reddit, what makes you happy?

  1. My doggo when he is his usual crazy self. He was sick a lot recently, he is a very easy dog when he is sick, but i did miss all his excitement and craziness. Luckily he is doing better.

  2. I take an edible and walk through the woods to the top of a hill. I carry a backpack with my favorite snacks, a couple beers, and a speaker. Then I sit on top of the hill, listen to music, eat, drink, and look at the valley below. Sometimes I choose not to bring my phone and just sit in silence.

    Nice and buzzed, I walk back home through the forest. Switchbacks down the hill, jump over the river, the sunlight peeking through tree branches.

    I’m working on a way to attach a folding chair to my backpack. I like my favorite boulder, but it does get uncomfortable after a while and I want to stay out there for longer.

  3. Good tunes. A burger. Staying in bed an extra hour because I don’t have to work.

    I’m easy.

  4. People making art even if it’s shit or not paid.

    Kids with crayons, horrible fanart, bad makeup. I don’t care. It’s what we do, and I love it.

    Art is a behaviour, not a commodity.

  5. My girlfriend. Sunshine when I’m going on a walk on a chill day. Dogs. Cats. The Italian market I go to on my lunch break once a week. Slow work days. My vinyl collection. Video games. Horror movies, whether they’re artsy and elevated or cheap gory schlock. The smell of citrus. Lavender flavored beverages. A flat white. Swimming. Weekly calls with family members.

  6. being able to support my Family at a young age. Taking my parents to a 5 start hotel and seeing their faces brighten up was the best moment of my life

  7. A road trip on my bike, travelling with my partner, a beer after a long run, good food, cloudy days, going for a dive (particularly cave diving)… I’ve got a lot of things to be happy about.

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