How was pregnancy sex for you?

How was pregnancy sex for you?

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  1. I had sex with a pregnant woman once. In the heat of it she moaned “I think you’re fucking my baby!”

    I had to stop and be like dafuq you just say and we both had a good laugh before continuing.

  2. It was great! I was a lot more confident about my body actually and generally really enjoyed it…it’s after the baby is born that it’s not so great xP… due to delivery recovery and hormones and a kid cock-blocking all the time.

  3. Pretty much the same. Just took longer to change positions and some positions were out of the question

  4. I absolutely loved it. She was so physically, hormonally and emotionally into it that the sex itself was great. Plus, a pregnant woman is just a beautiful thing, like a damn sunset. So, all around, 10 out of 10.

  5. Third trimester sex gave me really strong Braxton Hicks contractions, particularly after orgasm. The rest is just contortion.

  6. My wife and I remember this fondly.

    Her hormones were absolutely raging and she was horny pretty much all the time. I’ve never had more sex than when my wife was pregnant. She was insatiable and wetter than I’ve ever seen her.

    We had to do this sideways maneuver when she got way pregnant because she couldn’t breathe if she was on her back and obviously she couldn’t lay on her stomach. But it worked for us.

    Then you can’t do it for at least 6 weeks after your kid is born and you go into sex withdrawal. And my wife had postpartum pretty severely, so it was even longer after that.

  7. Currently pregnant. My hormones are raging and I feel like I’m constantly pulling my partner in the bedroom. Physically emotionally the hormones are going on all circuitry so I’m loving it.

  8. Was okay after the birth. New nipples, bigger boobs.
    But piles ruined the fun during the pregnancy.

  9. Fking awesome! With kid #5 I was a sex slave for nearly the whole time. She was always so hot so we kept the window open during the winter. It was the coldest winter in decades where we live. I never thought I would enjoy freezing my ass of so much. She was ravenous….all hours.

  10. Was reluctant to do it. Found my wife really attractive while she was pregnant but I was genuinely worried about hitting the baby with my cock despite it being small and scientifically impossible

  11. The orgasms were amazing but the nausea and vaginal swelling (from the extra blood flow) were not so great. By the third trimester my lady bits would be swollen the rest of the day and it was hard to stand up. My husband loved it though and said things felt extra good.

  12. My wife loved it.. I was nervous about it at first but we had sex pretty much up until the 3rd trimester.

    It was great to be honest. We haven’t since the baby came (11 weeks) but I get it. We don’t have the energy right now… Especially her.

  13. Been a long time for me but my wife was always craving it and the further along she got the wilder it was. Even wanted it as she began labor and the nurses were laughing because she didn’t get ‘clean up’ time before getting to the hospital. Absolutely delighted every time she told me she was pregnant, cause well you can guess.

  14. Awesome. She was horned up all the time. She would wake me up in the middle of the night, ride me like a harley and then we’d have a midnight snack.

  15. Not exactly answering the question but my wife and I had been trying for baby number two. We had been trying for a little while and I was about to finish and I said “boom! You’re pregnant!” She immediately told me to get off and laughed it off.

    Low and behold a month later she got a positive pregnancy test and we now have a wonderful daughter.

    I’ll sometimes joke about how I call my shots but can’t really share this story with family so here you go!

  16. I suppose it did “feel better” …
    It seemed that her vagina was a little swollen part of the time due to elevated hormones.

  17. It was weird. Not bad weird but the body does some crazy things. The bigger I got, the more I could feel my uterus contracting after an orgasm. It was unsettling until I called my OB and was like “Excuse me but what the fuck” or something like that. She told me it was normal and not to worry. Stay hydrated and it won’t be as noticeable.

    Towards the end of my pregnancy, I was so desperate to get my daughter out. Semen can start the dilation process, so sex was just a way to evacuate her from the hot tub party that was my uterus. Every woman is different but no matter how gentle my husband was, I found third trimester sex to be painful (which sucked double time because the further along I became, the more he wanted to do it; minus the whole hurting me part).

    Oh, and it didn’t even WORK. I went past my due date and had to have a c-section anyway. She’s almost 13 now and is super stubborn to this very day.

  18. Pregnant now, not horny, always tired, swollen, uncomfortable, very sore nipples the whole way through. I’ve initiated it a few times because I missed the intimacy but it’s not been amazing for me, I’m 7 months now and have hemarroids and sciatica pain so it’s the last thing I want. My hormones sadly haven’t made me horny at all, I hope after birth my drive comes back!

  19. Male here and a loved it . Her tits were big and full , and she had a a really healthy “glow “ to her . Best of all there was no worries about getting her pregnant any more . No rubbers or birth control of any kind just all out natural sex . Wonderful imo .

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