How do you feel about the idea of gyms banning people from video recording themselves?

How do you feel about the idea of gyms banning people from video recording themselves?

37 thoughts on “How do you feel about the idea of gyms banning people from video recording themselves?

  1. Personally if I run a private business that people pay a membership for I wouldn’t allow any recording whatsoever

  2. It’s up to them. I guess it was becoming a problem because most people just wanna workout and not have to worry about being in the background of someones video

  3. I’m all for it. it’s fucking obnoxious and people get upset if you walk between them and their tripod. Fuck off, I just wanna workout.

  4. Too many creeps out there so I’m for it. You can always flex at home and work on your form.

  5. I don’t care so much if they film themselves lifting stuff, but I’ve seen a couple of guys doing tiktoks and shit in the locker room and that needs to go away

  6. 10000%. I don’t want to be on the internet in your shitty progress videos or crappy form for your 200 followers. Go do that shit at home in your spare time. Tired of seeing that shit literally every single day

  7. I’m OK with it.

    It used to be just a quirky thing but the advent of influencers have made it an ubiquitous annoyance.

    Now you have to worry about some dumbass yelling at you for walking in front of his shot or worry about being “exposed” on TikTok by some influencer who thinks you were staring at her ass.

  8. If they want to video themselves, fine. But that doesn’t give them the right to record anyone else.

  9. Honestly if you want to film yourself going for a PR then that’s fine, just make sure your not filming anyone else if they’re uncomfortable with it, and you can’t get mad if someone walks in front of the camera.

  10. perfectly cool with it. if you want to film your “fitness vlog”, film it at home. the gym is where a lot of people are experiencing different levels of confidence in themselves, it’s rude to assume that just anybody would be okay with you recording them (even if just in the background), there’s real vulnerability there.

  11. I’m all for people getting banned for life if they get caught making fun of somebody

  12. I think it’s a decision that needs to be made in context to each gym and its culture and clientelle. A globo gym where people are just trying to stay fit and mind their business, yeah I guess I can see situations where it’s appropriate. But I go to a powerlifting gym and banning filming would not go over well there. Lifters are constantly recording themselves to check their form or submit their lifts to their coaches for review. Same would go for an Olympic lifting gym, or a bodybuilding gym where they need to record poses for review and tweaking. In these settings, people are a lot less likely to be irresponsible in filming. There definitely are situations where it is not appropriate to ban it.

  13. Business chooses, customers vote with their feet – all power to them if it works, I certainly don’t want cameras around me when I’m working out.

  14. For a different take, I’ve seen some people film themselves just to see their own form and correct it. If it’s done respectfully and for yourself, I don’t see why it shouldn’t be allowed

  15. I’m on the fence about it.

    Against recording.
    Just do your workout and move on so others get a turn too.

    For recording.
    Maybe they need to record their form and present it to a PT or a physiotherapist to make corrections for better form to reduce further injury.


    EDIT: I am aware of “influencers”. I’m against those, hire the gym out privately or workout in your own home gym.

  16. I actually would say I’m not for that.

    It’s fun to get your new PR on camera, I wouldn’t want to ban that. If your video is disrupting others then of course. I wouldn’t say ban videos, I’d ban being disruptive.

  17. It depends. The influencers? FOH!!!

    The trainers who make videos to teach correct form? Sweet, keep it up.

  18. Its kinda a shame, because filming yourself is hands down the best way to work on/perfect your form and techiniques.

    But Fitfluencers are a plague.

  19. I would love it. I don’t want to end up on some rando’s video on the internet fucking up my squats.

  20. I HATE the zoom in reaction ones I see on social media, it’s like, why are you giving them a narrative that may not even be true and why are you zooming in people’s faces?

  21. No offence but, people who go to gyms are driven, but a little crazy. I was reading on a treadmill. Someone comes up to me, and says there’s a woman recording you with her phone every time you come. I look,and the quickly turns away with her phone. Never figured that out.

  22. Yes please.

    You’d think Planet Fitness in particular would hop on this for how they’re *still* rolling with their “Judgment-Free Zone” claim…if you’re making a shitty TikTok then 95% of the time you are judging. Where is the penalization?

  23. Recording yourself is fine. Recording the 100 other people that are in the gym with you and don’t want to be recorded is not. That’s my personal opinion. Of course legally speaking this isn’t the case. That’s why I think gyms should have a clear policy on this to let the patrons know and make a decision for themselves. And it should be stated along with the basic gym rules when ever signing up.

  24. i think it is a great idea. as a woman who goes to the gym, gyms already have accessible cameras in case something does happen. a lot of people like to post things on tiktok about how they’re being watched when they’re simply just not. a majority of people there are just minding their own business and would GREATLY appreciate it if they weren’t being filmed.

  25. And sometimes they do it in the lockers/changing rooms. I’m uncomfortable enough being at the gym in general, so kindly fuck off. All for banning it outright.

  26. ITT: average non gym going redditors clueless about recording to check your form

    Get outside and get some exercise lol

  27. The only place where filming is unacceptable in a gym is a locker room. Literally everywhere else is fair game.

    If you’ve got such a issue with being in the background of someones video that it causes mental distress then you shouldn’t go to a public gym, or you should ask people nicely if they would try not to get you in a shot. Be an adult. The general public is not responsible for tiptoeing around your insecurity. You’re already on 1000 cameras the second you leave your house

    99.999999999% of people filming are filming their lifts or genuinely helpful fitness content. If you’ve got a problem with filming lifts, you’re probably not that serious of a lifter and don’t get much of a say re: gym culture. Go to planet fitness or open your own gym that bans cameras instead of taking your couch potato attitudes on filming mainstream

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