For non-Australians what do you think Australia day celebrates?

For non-Australians what do you think Australia day celebrates?

25 thoughts on “For non-Australians what do you think Australia day celebrates?

  1. Declaration of independence from the British.

    Oh no wait, you’re still in the Commonwealth and your head of state is the king of England! Weak.

  2. Without looking up, I assume it’s when The Endeavour first landed on Australia. But I’m probably way off.

  3. The day you were declared a nation? Even though you weren’t independent you still got to be a countr?

  4. Probably something similar to US independence day. Full colonization and the end of all hope for the indigenous people.

  5. It’s when the first ships arrived right? They declared the land Terra nullius despite the Aboriginals being there.

    So it kind of comes across as a celebration of White Australia/Colonization

    I understand why anyone with an appreciation for history and culture would raise eyebrows over it.

    Seems they should reconsider changing the date to make the celebration more inclusive. If they want it to truly represent Australia.

  6. Pretending we’re more than an insignificant mostly desert island floating off the tail end of the world with another country’s queen on our money, and acting as though we have some semblance of identity outside of putting an “as” or “ies” on the end of every word, calling it culture, and that we don’t just do whatever the UK and US tell us to do.


  7. So is Australia Day a bigger deal than your Independence Day?

    In the U.S. we celebrate when we gave the Brits the finger not when they dropped us off.

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