Dog lovers in Reddit, what is the cutest dog breed?

Dog lovers in Reddit, what is the cutest dog breed?

41 thoughts on “Dog lovers in Reddit, what is the cutest dog breed?

  1. I love golden retrievers. I’m a bit biased, though, because my brother used to have one, so that’s the breed I’ve been interacting the most with.

  2. Shiba Inu. Easy. Bonus: they’re smart, loyal, independent, don’t smell and have no trouble with cold weather.

  3. I’m basic af but I love golden retrievers and labs. Also any long nose dog breed like borzoi, greyhounds, silken windhounds, podencos. I find them adorable!

  4. I love my golden retriever, I love my german Shepherd and I love every dog I see.
    Humans not so much.

  5. I love big dogs so probably a Tibetan Mastiff, they’re cute but you got to know how to raise a dog.

  6. So many good looking puppers, but Bernese Mountain Dogs are simply the best creatures on this Earth.

  7. I used to have two great big dogs; a Great Pyrenees and a Malamute-mutt. Both of them were marshmellows.

  8. Irish setters have the most beautiful red hair, body shape and “feathers”. Can’t wait to get another one of these goofy personality dogs.

  9. I’m going to say all of them, but I think samoyed’s deserve more recognition than they get. They’re big fluffy white clouds of joy.

  10. I’m a big dog lover, so I’m gonna go the the Leonberger. Easily one of the largest dogs I have ever met in person, and long beautiful coats. Just majestic af.

  11. Since I own one, I’m pretty partial to westies. I do love Bernese Mountain Dogs, they are just beautiful dogs.

  12. Soft coated Wheaton terrier. Holy fuck so damn cute. I was never an animal person, til I met my now-wife who had a Wheaton. That’s my best friend now. I’m more excited to see him than her when I get home now. I love that dog, he’s so adorable.

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