Will it be “out there” for my husband?

My husband has a day off this Friday, so I thought it would be the perfect day to do what I’ve always fantasized about and cornered him all day. I was thinking of starting sex in the morning, making him really hard but not going ahead with PIV. Then while he’s lounging around the house and I’m running errands, I send him nudes and sex and tell him he absolutely can’t cum until I get back home. Maybe even call her to “check in” and ask her to send a picture of his dick to make sure it’s still hard and she hasn’t nursed it yet. If anyone has more ideas on how to shore it up without actually being there, that would be great. Then I would purposely come home at night, ask her to sit, and then this is the part I dread to do. I would stand on the couch, just outside his legs with my ass in his face and tell him to take me out. But he didn’t even let me touch him. And after a while, I would lean over her and give her reverse blowjob very slowly, very slowly with my pussy still on her face. I’ve never done anything like this, but the fantasy excites me so much that I’d love to try it. But I’m so scared though! Is this a good idea? ETA: So for the first time, I’m going to reduce the time frame from a full day to a few hours. And I must clarify that I am not going to leave him hanging without any explanation. Of course I would ask him to come over and wait for me before leaving the house.

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  1. You need to ask his consent first and how he feels about it.

    You cant just surprise him with something like this.

    If hes okay with it, and you set boundaries around it, go ahead! But he should be allowed to use a safeword if it does get to be too much and you not take it personally.

  2. Have you discussed this with him at all? Cause we can tell you “that’s hot af” all day but if he’s not into it, then he’s just not into it.

  3. >*Maybe even call him to “check in” and tell him to send a picture of his dick to me to make sure he’s still hard and hasn’t taken care of it himself yet.*

    Without stimulation he will go soft again. He’s not going to stay hard all day long. Otherwise, hot idea.

  4. Just don’t be mad if you send him over the edge and he unintentionally ejaculates without you.

  5. You’re going to injure yourself trying to do an upside down bj on the sofa. There’s no traction in that position.

  6. My husband would jerk off as soon as I left the house. Then he’d just be humoring me when I was sending sexts. Maybe he’d get hard again after he took a nap. He’d definitely be able to fuck me when I got home, but there would be no way he’d let this go on all day.

    Even with someone with more self control, I don’t think many men are going to sit around ALL DAY for this while receiving nudes and sexts and not jerk off

    I agree that this should probably be discussed.

  7. Yeah, this sounds like my idea of a nightmare, getting blue balled intentionally then being prohibited to cum for a whole day is just painful. . But hey, we are all different, you won’t know till you don’t try. He might be into it?

    I disagree with the asking for consent here. Just go ahead and do it. Asking will no longer make it special. If he stops you, then he stops you hey ho. Then time to discuss.

  8. Just remember there’s only so much gas in the tank. If you take too long it’ll run out and the adventure will fall flat.

  9. This seems a bit too extreme to be honest. It’s not possible for men to keep erections for hours at a time.

  10. When you get him started and leave him running, he’s going to be desperate and grumpy. That’s the time to promise him that waiting will be worth it.

    Otherwise he might think he messed up or said something and you got mad, or that you just lost interest for some unfathomable reason.

  11. I would hate this honestly. Edging for 10 to 30 minutes would be ok but painful after that.

  12. > Then as he chills around home and I’m running errands, call him to “check in” and tell him to send a picture of his dick to me to make sure he’s still hard.

    Uhhh….. that’s not how it works.

  13. I understand the whole surprise appeal, but you definitely need to communicate the desire to do this. I would have this conversation in a non-sexual setting as well.

    You can always still keep the element of surprise and have him pick a few days he can anticipate it. He could take PTO for 2 days (if that’s up y’alls alley) and he can let you know “if you wanna edge me all day one of these days, you’re free to”. That way its still a surprise, but you still have *CONSENT* which is key.

  14. Make sure he’s into it. As a guy, if my wife spun me up like this and left, I’m not suffering through it all day. But, I’m not a big fan of such play. Orgasm denial tends to piss me off.

    If he’s into it, he’ll probably need more than pics and calls to stay aroused.

  15. I would get blue balls from this and wouldn’t be able to participate in anything like this that went on for more than an hour or so.

    Everyone’s different though.

  16. Nice idea but its all about the orgasim for me speaking as a man. I’d prefer a challenge like this, first thing in the morning, tell him, “I want you to have sex with me in 4 different rooms in this house by midnight tonight.”

    I would love that challenge. The first one would be there and then! You could even add extra rules like it has to be in different positions each time.

  17. You should at least run the idea by him, to see if he is okay with the concept of edging and that he also has an idea of what is going and what to expect. He can also establish limits of what is okay and what isn’t with him. He could be interested in the concept, but not necessarily want to do it on your selected day too.

    If you surprise him out of the blue, he may either not be into it or he may not know about your whole plan. He could just masturbate it off after to leave to get on with his day, thus ruining your fantasy.

  18. It sounds potentially pretty hot and like something that could work as long as you communicate / temper expectations. When I first read your post, it sounded like you had planned out an entire day’s worth of sexual adventure without consulting the other person first, which could easily lead to disappointment and hurt feelings if things don’t pan out they way you hoped.

    First of all, a penis doesn’t really stay hard “all day”. I mean, unless there’s a medical issue. There’s a reason why commercials for Viagra and Cialis tell you to call a doctor if your erection lasts longer than 4 hours.

    As for the upside-down blowjob idea… well, gosh, you must be very flexible if this act is going to play out as I’m imagining based on your description.

    Again, this could be a dream-come-true scenario for him if he’s into it. But I think it’s better to take baby steps as a way of ensuring that expectations remain aligned between partners throughout.

  19. The only thing I’d recommend is letting him know the plan and that you arent just teasing him and leaving him hanging.

    I hate being teased if theres nothing after, but I love being teased if I know theres fun after

  20. I’ve done edging with my FWB with BJ’s – we worked our way to about 2 hours but it’s pretty intense and it requires 1. him constantly communicating when he’s about to ejaculate so I can stop and we can implement breath work and 2. him being able to maintain his erection… How do you plan to have him involved if he’s not aware where you’re going with this?

  21. For plenty of reasons others have mentioned, don’t do this the way you described. Start small and see how that goes and maybe consider working up from there. My suggestion would be to wait until he’s going to be out of the house but will see you in like 3-4 hours. Start sending him texts/pics of you. Tell him what you want him to do to you. Tease him a while and let the anticipation build until he can get home to you.

    Stay simple at first. If he really likes that, then go for more. Don’t just go from 0-100 right away.

  22. If I’m pictureing this correctly, I’d be worried about you falling off the couch. Like your standing, facing away from him, but bent all the way over to suck his dick? Like 100% you’re somersaulting off the couch

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