Will it be “out there” for my husband?

My husband has a day off this Friday, so I thought it would be the perfect day to do what I’ve always fantasized about and cornered him all day. I was thinking of starting sex in the morning, making him really hard but not going ahead with PIV. Then while he’s lounging around the house and I’m running errands, I send him nudes and sex and tell him he absolutely can’t cum until I get back home. Maybe even call her to “check in” and ask her to send a picture of his dick to make sure it’s still hard and she hasn’t nursed it yet. If anyone has more ideas on how to shore it up without actually being there, that would be great. Then I would purposely come home at night, ask her to sit, and then this is the part I dread to do. I would stand on the couch, just outside his legs with my ass in his face and tell him to take me out. But he didn’t even let me touch him. And after a while, I would lean over her and give her reverse blowjob very slowly, very slowly with my pussy still on her face. I’ve never done anything like this, but the fantasy excites me so much that I’d love to try it. But I’m so scared though! Is this a good idea? ETA: So for the first time, I’m going to reduce the time frame from a full day to a few hours. And I must clarify that I am not going to leave him hanging without any explanation. Of course I would ask him to come over and wait for me before leaving the house.

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