Why sex doesn’t feel anything to me??

22M here. I’ve never had sex before, not that I haven’t had the chance but I’ve always been in awkward situations and am a bit shy so never happened before. Recently I met a girl and after few months finally I am in a relationship with her. But quite honestly all I could think about while doing this was “Is this all? Is this really all it is?” From kissing to touching and everything else, I don’t say it didn’t feel good or I didn’t come, it Mah and I felt it, but there was little joy in it all. Whenever I touched something I loved that it must have felt good! but that did not happen. So people of Reddit I ask you, is this really what it’s all about? or is there something wrong with me???

2 thoughts on “Why sex doesn’t feel anything to me??

  1. Same thing for me. 2nd time was much better. Take control and feed into your instincts. I think I was just too curious treating it like a science experiment lmao.

  2. Everybody is different. It absolutely could just be that your nerves were on high alert that didn’t let you fully enjoy yourself. Just try again and see how it goes.

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