Why sex doesn’t feel anything to me??

22M here. I’ve never had sex before, not that I haven’t had the chance but I’ve always been in awkward situations and am a bit shy so never happened before. Recently I met a girl and after few months finally I am in a relationship with her. But quite honestly all I could think about while doing this was “Is this all? Is this really all it is?” From kissing to touching and everything else, I don’t say it didn’t feel good or I didn’t come, it Mah and I felt it, but there was little joy in it all. Whenever I touched something I loved that it must have felt good! but that did not happen. So people of Reddit I ask you, is this really what it’s all about? or is there something wrong with me???

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  1. UnconventionalWriter 2 months ago
  2. tglad88 2 months ago