What’s wrong with my relationship when it comes to sex?

I’m 24F and have been dating a 28M for three years. We have a mostly beautiful relationship – we support each other, we can talk for hours, we share a surprisingly compatible outlook and we love each other very much. I live in another city because I’m still a student and we see each other during the weekend (I partially already live at his place) and he usually visits me once a week (It’s an hour drive and we usually go out for a few drinks as I don’t have my own flat). For the first two years my boyfriend had a very high libido – we could take a walk in the park and kissing there for example would make him hard. I never really had a high libido and was usually just there for the ride – same with my ex. I’ll enjoy it, especially if he turns me on first, but I rarely initiate it. But about a year ago my bf’s libido changed drastically. At first I was worried it had something to do with him not wanting to be with me anymore but it turned out not to be true – he seemed very satisfied with our relationship. I started voicing my concerns often (which wasn’t the smartest move) – had crying, had serious talk, had good encouragement, etc. Over the years, my BF has figured out that this is something that worries me – so he tries, I can see it. I try too – I wait for her in some new sexy lingerie and it will be an instant turn on for her. But I can’t stop feeling that it’s all a bit staged. Like we have to remember to have sex. After that we are always happy, talk about what was good, how we should have done it etc. My boyfriend never seems worried when we talk about it. He argues that we’ve been together a long time, that we only see each other for the weekend, that we both have busy lives (he’s a doctor, I’m a med student – with chronic insomnia that plagues my life). Makes some days quite difficult) ). Now I really want to set aside the fact that we both have low libidos and it’s good that we found each other – but I just worry. I worry that something is wrong with us, I feel like everyone thinks about sex all the time and that my bf used to think about sex all the time – and now something is off, like we only There are people who are not attached to sex. tl;dr Dr. Me and my partner both have low libido and it worries me

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