What should I do when my boyfriend cums in my mouth (18F)?

I’ve never really finished a blowjob. I’ve always either switched on my hand or we have sex. I want to surprise him tonight by sucking him until he ends up in my mouth but I’m nervous because I don’t know what to do when he ejaculates and I don’t know what it is what else

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  1. Do whatever you like, it’s your mouth. Spit it out, swallow it, kiss him with it, it’s all up to you

  2. Since its your first, I’d recommend a hybrid approach. Your hand stroking him around the base of the penis, with your mouth engulfing the head. As he cums, keep stroking the same speed, but open your mouth and let some spill out, but catch some and swallow. If you try to get it all at once, you could get a blowout and gag/cough, choke, which might ruin the moment. After you swallow, go back for more. Repeat until he’s done and most of the cum is gone. Then remove your hand, and go down as far as comfortable for you and suck all the cum off. Finish with a lick to the head of the penis. (or lick up any spilled cum)


    Next bj, if you think you can, try to not open your mouth and spill cum.

  3. Notes on technique from a bloke. When he comes he will likely thrust real hard. Unless you’re OK with choking on it, wrap a hand round the base and leave 2 or 3 inches sticking out. We like to push when we come so push down with your hand and keep the motion with your lips goiing right through the orgasm until his muscles relax then stop immediately as he will probably get hypersensitive at this moment.

    He might ejaculate so hard it hits the back of your throat so be ready for this. When he comes it becomes yours not his so spit or swallow is entirely up to you.

    As it’s your first time this can all go wrong so make sure he is aware so that it immediately becomes hilarious rather than a performance issue.

  4. Really not sure about kiss him with it in your mouth. Cum games are for the experts. You will however almost certainly kiss him afterwards. We all tasted our own semen this way and you kinda have to accept it. Same applies after you go down on her.

  5. Swallow it or let it run out of your mouth on to his dick. If you want to be really “dirty” hold it in your mouth, open your mouth so he sees it, and then swallow.

  6. Just keeping sucking on his head but not too hard, after orgasm it can be very sensitive

  7. I (30M) like the thought of being swallowed. But guess what – my GF prefers to spit, and that’s totally okay with me, because:

    1) It’s 100% her choice
    2) By that point I’ve already hit peak satisfaction, and with the post-nut clarity I’m not too concerned with what happens to the cum afterwards

  8. Drink it like a milkshake. Then hold still and let him move as he desires after – many become ultra sensitive after. When he stops moving, then release him and go snuggle.

  9. Spit or swallow. Do what you are comfortable with. Or discuss it with him, see what he enjoys.

  10. I haven’t read all the comments. There’s far too many.

    If I were you – don’t make it a surprise. IMO no guy ever has cum in a woman’s mouth and gone, “OMG what a surprise!” That’s highly overrated.

    Just tell him you want him to finish in your mouth. I guarantee that will be much more of a turn-on than you surprising him. Sex is 1000x better when you communicate with your partner. Tell him, look, I really want to you to finish in my mouth, but I’m nervous about it.

    No guy worth sucking off is going to shame you for being nervous about swallowing. If it’s a big deal, spit it out.

  11. I carry on as he’s cumming but then slow down after he’s cum till I get pushed back or asked to stop as the tip will become sensitive.

    Keep a glass of water nearby. If you can’t swallow – hold it in your mouth and swig down with the water!

  12. Spit or swallow.

    I don’t see any other choices left.

    I suggest him to drink pineapple juice through the day, in case you’re gonna swallow.

  13. Don’t inhale as he cums and don’t do it in that position where your heads off the edge of the bed while he’s standing. It’s not fun to have to snort it out of your sinuses.

  14. Try to have a lot of spit in your mouth when he’s about to come it helps with the taste and you can swallow ( if you want to ) a lot easier !

  15. Why not have him cum on your boobs or stomach (or face but be aware of eyes) so you can swipe some up with your finger and taste it first? He’ll find that hot and it gives you an idea of how it tastes so you’re not overwhelmed when you have a mouth full of it.

    Tips for swallow: Cum cools down really fast and personally I think it’s not great when cold haha so “get it while it’s hot!” And don’t stop stimulating after swallowing. His dick will be extremely sensitive, especially the tip so go slow and gentle and see how long you can get away with pleasing him until he actually can’t take it anymore.

    Tips for spitting: If in the moment you’re overwhelmed by the sensation and decide you don’t want to swallow, try not to grimace as it could send him the message of disgust during a very vulnerable moment. Instead, it could be visually exciting for him if you slowly dribble it out your mouth onto your chest. Guys typically like seeing their cum on us as they can see we’ll embrace the mess they made. Talk about what a huge load it was, play with it with your fingers. It just makes it sexy and “accepting” despite rejecting it from your mouth haha.

    And if you don’t see yourself trying it again, it’s important you communicate that after. But if you enjoy it, then suck him dry girl.

    Edit: OP I read that you want to record it because he’s your soul mate. I was *deeply* in love with a guy at 18, thought we’d grow old and everything. Life happens, you get older and wiser, your morals change, you have disagreements (or they cheat). Anyway, he’s now my ex and currently holds a sex vid of me for life. It’s terrifying knowing he has that power over me.

    If your bf needs something to masturbate over, there’s porn. If not, he can experience you when he sees you. Trust me, you’re better safe than sorry.

  16. Let your eyes roll back into your head and cry out “yes! Yes! The final ingredient!” Produce a mason jar filled with bacon grease, rosemary, and grated deer hoof, then spit his semen into the jar. Mix vigorously with a whisk, pour the mixture over your chest, and then run around the block screaming “The eldritch geometry of the planets align! The old ones return! Prepare your bodies for the quickening!” He’ll love that.

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