what can i tell my boyfriend

Greetings !!! My boyfriend (m18) and I (f18) have been masturbating to each other lately and it’s really fun. He’s so sweet and he always tries to make me feel as comfortable as possible and I love him so much. Recently I made it clear to him that I enjoyed talking dirty to him (calling me names, generally just talking more and being more dominant where he directs me to do what he wants me to do etc.) well with him, during these times we work, he will ask me to tell him things that i imagine him doing to me (like telling him i want him to cuddle me or be harsh with me) and I have told him many times while doing this I am usually unable to think of anything because I am quite naive and I don’t know what I can imagine because when we do this, my mind is blank and has tried to help me visualize something by giving me ideas and even recommended me to look at a few things today to get an idea but it didn’t really help and I don’t know what to say when we’re intimate and he wants to know all these things but I really don’t know what to say and I feel bad Is. I don’t know what to do 🙁 and I can whine and beg sometimes but that’s all I can do and I don’t think it’s enough 🙁 what to do

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  1. Ask him what turns him on and just tell him stuff like that.
    You can also think about a scenario when you are alone and then live that with him describing what he should do now.

  2. I would print out an entire page of really dirty stuff and read it everyday, and then say some of those things while he’s doing things to you.

  3. There are plenty of books and articles that talk about sexual exploration, BDSM, dom/sub, or different sexual positions and how couples communicate in the bedroom during it all. Explore and find what speaks to you. Porn could help as well but it’s a bit more catered to the male demographic so tread carefully with it. Curiosity while out of the bedroom will leave you coming prepared with what to say in the bedroom without it feeling forced or disengenuine to what you want.

  4. Maybe start simple? Like tell him where to cum, or harder, faster, that kind of thing. Then build it up from there

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