What can a woman do to make sex interesting to a man?

I’m looking to hear what men have to say in this regard. Like what do men want a woman to do to initiate sex and overall to make it more interesting and less predictable… what can she do to make herself better in bed? just want advice on that

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  1. Enthusiasm. Suck that dick like you’re dying of thirst and there’s a drop of water inside. Fuck him back. Tell him how good it is and how bad you want it. Willingness to try new things and roll with it when things don’t work.

  2. The number one thing: enthusiastically participate. Engage with him.

    As much as a naked girl spreading her legs is enticing to a guy, you’ll want to really get into it with him, as if you’re actually in love with him. Or at least as if you’re actually in love with his penis.

  3. Enthusiasm.

    Sex is fantastic, but there is only so much excitement from starfishing.

    Now, enthusiastically engaging? Hell yeah. Doggy style is amazing, but when I stop and she throws that truck in reverse?!? 🤌

  4. Enthusiastic oral, handjobs, lots of positions, switch from sex to an oral handjob combo. Just worship his cock and eroginous areas as if they are the most amazing thing on earth.

  5. To piggyback off the enthusiasm comments, saying the guy’s name or nickname during sex is always a nice touch. Don’t only say their name, but throwing that in every now and then can definitely add to the intimacy…just make sure you’re saying the right name.

  6. Cock worshiping is the easiest way technically. I can assure you most guys love hearing great things about their cocks, though that being said don’t go overboard with it as it will sound too cringey and fake for both of you.

  7. Everyone is saying enthusiasm which is great.

    Two other things I’d mention is to be mindful of the visual you’re offering him. It’s great to be intertwined physically, and that has its place, but sometimes it’s just super hot to take in a great view of my partner just legs spread on her back and ties bouncing around as I thrust.

    The other is ego stroking and encouragement. Be honest, but if you really like how he looks, what he’s doing, etc (especially any kind of positive dick feedback) is great.

  8. Do the things that will make sex interesting for YOU!!!!

    I’m serious!!! There’s few bigger turn ons than knowing my partner is having an amazing time. There is no pleasure greater than knowing I’m rocking my lady’s world and she is loving sex with me. I’m almost surely going to have an orgasm no matter what as long as the sex isn’t terrible. The biggest turn ons for me are her being expressive, enthusiastic, honest and knowing she’s asking for what she really wants!

    Other than that, ask HIM. Every guy is different. One guy wants nothing more than rough anal sex, while another guy will find that disgusting. Some guys love their GF being a super naughty slut, other guys hate that. You got to ask HIM!

  9. Look into his eyes, hold his hands, scratch his back and butt, grab his sides and pull him in close, leg wrap him tight, caress his balls, moan, say his name, tell him how good he feels, smile, bite your lip…

  10. Just another vote for enthusiasm. Show that you find me really attractive and are excited to have sex with me. Show me what most turns you on and gets you off. Ask the same of me and (assuming it doesn’t cross any of your boundaries) enthusiastically perform them. Pretty simple actually.

  11. Besides enthusiasm…

    For me fancy undies, or other clothing and outfits, can make it seem extra special. Most of the time it’s just taking off street or work clothes and getting busy. My partner wearing something out of the ordinary to bed is exciting and makes me feel special.

  12. Build up to it. Even before foreplay starts. Say hot stuff throughout the day, be a tease.
    Drag it out a bit before getting into things

  13. Relax and don’t be shy. Speak. Let go and be into it. If you’re willing to “act” ask him what porn he watches, and take notes.
    Most guys are generally just happy to have a girl that wants them.
    You are a rarity for just wanting to know how to please him more.

  14. Be open-minded and love what you doing. For yourself and for your partner. That’s pretty much it. Don’t be a robot.

  15. Also I used to date a woman who would put nail marks down my back, loved hickies, being bitten and bruises. I have never liked rough stuff but for a few weeks that was the hottest game in town. Go to literotica dot com, it is sexual literature, lots of people sharing stories, some audio. May give you both some ideas

  16. All men are different, so don’t expect any answer to work for all of us.

    That said, the absolute big 2 that I think nearly all men will agree on are communicate and participate. Simply put, tell us what you want or what you plen to do. Then actually do it and participate in some form. It sounds simple but trust me, men’s number one complaint sexually is always that women don’t actually communicate what they want clearly or during the moment.

    Do not under any circumstances just lay there and pretend you are a decent partner simply because you gave us access to a female body.

  17. Women Initiating sex is a great thing for a guy I would say, for me looking me directly in the eyes and grabbing my balls would get me going or surprising me with wearing sexy lingerie/nipple claps. Anal play can make it interesting aswell eg eating ass, using toys like a prostate massager and obviously cock worship is a huge turn on to show the guy you appreciate him and his cock.

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