redness of the scalp

My partner and I were going to have sex for the first time last Thursday. Would have been a first for me in a while. We weren’t using condoms, and he wasn’t particularly wet, I put him on, but with no wetness, we finished after a few minutes. The next day while showering I noticed that my glans had turned red, and after that point I felt a slight itchiness there (maybe placebo since I wasn’t feeling it before). We started searching the internet, and a local website recommended applying marigold lotion. I applied 3-4 times per day since then, and it had gotten better, but was still feeling sensitive yesterday so we decided not to go for it. She’s been using intimate gel to keep herself clean while in the shower – is it possible it was an allergic reaction? We are quite worried as the website said it would be over by now. Or maybe it was just irritation due to lack of moisture? Next time we agreed to use lubricant, but I’m worried it could be something else, so would really appreciate any feedback or suggestions for this problem. Thanks in advance!

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  1. If you’re a person with sensitive skin prone to allergic reactions, before using any lube, try a small amount on your wrist. Rub it in and let it dry. Then wash away. Wait 24 hours to see if you react to any ingredients. She shouldn’t be using anything internally in the vagina itself. The vagina is self-cleaning. Repeat the test on your wrist with her cleanser to see if you react. A reaction to vaginal secretions is incredibly rare. It’s also unlikely you showed visible symptoms due to yeast or bacteria in 24 hours.

    What I suspect is that the skin was irritated due to friction and that soap in a warm to hot shower exacerbated it.

    Most skin irritations self resolve. Putting anything you’ve never used before risks more unpleasant reactions.

    The only way to rule out anything else is to both get full STI panels.

    My go-to for patients with dry or sensitive skin is CeraVe. Soaps are incredibly harsh.

    Hope you’re feeling better as soon as possible.

  2. look brother use white vinegar with water and wash your penis white vinegar kills bacteria and infections but remember the mixture of water and vinegar must contain more vinegar and you can heat the mixture a little and apply it to yourself

  3. Most likely just irritation due to dryness, get some lube (water based if you’re using condoms).

    Could be thrush especially if she has any itching but probably just irritation.

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