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Have been dating this girl for a while now, things are great. The only problem is in sex. Either I can’t be completely or stay hard during foreplay or when we try oral or penetration. I’ve had this issue with girls before I felt insecure around but the last few girls I’ve slept with I haven’t had a problem. Also no more morning wood and low libido. I love it and I see a future but wondering if we are sexually compatible?? Wondering if anyone related and how they resolved this issue. Why is my body not reacting properly when I find my partner very attractive?? Ps: I’m in my early 20s and also underweight (if that plays a role)

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  1. Usually it’s in your head. Ss you mentioned, if you feel insecure, unconfident, or nervous, etc. Sometimes that happens in your brain without even realizing it. try and do some meditation/relaxation and let go of any angst or impulse ‘to perform’..

  2. Hey, you should probably go to your doctor. I was suffering with similar symptoms and asked my doctor about it. She asked me one question which was “do you have an erection when you wake up?” I said no and she immediately wrote me a prescription for viagra.

    I’m not a doctor so go get yourself checked out but from my opinion you might be suffering from Erectile dysfunction. I was 27 the and I’ve never been overweight either

  3. Sexual incompatibility isnt about you not getting hard when youre into your partner. Its about your sex lives not matching up.

    If you *want* to have sex as much as she does but physically *cant*, its a separate issue.

    A sudden drop in your abilities should be seen by a doctor, especially at your age. With previous experience where this has happened before due to insecurity it may also need some therapy, as mental blocks dont have to be at the forefront of your mind and obvious for it to effect your performance.

    Its nothing to do with the girl though if you think its been perfect with her. (And its not your fault either.)

  4. Your emotional system is complex, and its very hard for anyone but you to know what’s going on. Erections seem to have a mind of their own, but if you pay close attention to your feelings (especially in relation to your calmness level), you can figure out what’s going on.

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