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I, 36f, have no sex drive anymore. Two years remained like this. Same partner for 17 years. Always trying new, fun things. Tried getting new toys and it didn’t help. SO still beautiful, amazing same look/body. Not a new medicine. First is the child. I really force myself to do anything. I no longer find anyone as sexy as other people find me. Talked to the doctor and he said nothing but to try. Any suggestions?

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  1. > Has first kid tho.

    No clue what it could possibly be, OP. Absolutely no idea what could *possibly* cause you to have lost your sex drive. None whatsoever. This is a mystery.

  2. Have you had any mental health issues such as depression or anything along those lines? I actually find my wife in a similar situation where her sex drive just ceased to exist kinda like that

  3. How’s your exercise? It does wonders for regulating your body and can help stimulate your hormonal systems to increase libido

  4. Yes…see a new doctor. Something has changed…you just need to keep searching if it’s a physical change, hormonal, or relationship driven.

  5. Have blood work to check you B vitamine levels. It wouldn’t hurt to have your Iron levels checked as well. You may not be anemic but could be lower than the norm and it can affect your energy as well as sex drive.

  6. You’re sick from the Standard American Diet or something along those lines.Get Undo It by Dean Ornish , follow it to a tee and say hello to your rejuvenated sex drive. You’ll feel 19 again.Hormone health is not only affected by birth control pills … your lifestyle is the biggest factor here.Most marriages end because of this issue – women get so sick they can’t get horny anymore.
    your 5/6k steps a day plus taking care of toddlers does not constitute for exercise.

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