Need advice for giving lap dance

My fiance’s birthday is in March. I lack a lot of sexual knowledge but I want to give him a lap dance. To be honest, I have a knack for dancing but I doubt it would apply to lap dance. Or a striptease. I really don’t know what to do so can you give me some links or tell me what you would like if you are getting lap dance. Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Need advice for giving lap dance

  1. The best way would be to find girls or instructors on social media sites – Instagram, tiktok… maybe even twitter.

    Search for “strip plastic”, “high heels”, “twerk”, etc…

    Generally speaking – tease, tease, tease.

  2. There are lots of choreography videos on you tube. Just watch a few and copy the moves you like and string them together.
    And then practice, practice, practice. I practiced for about 3 weeks before I gave one that way when I was actually doing it I didn’t have to worry about what was next and could really get into it. It’s just like learning any other routine, but hopefully with a happy ending 😉

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