My [M21] partner [F21] I don’t like sex as much as

My [M22] friend [F21] Not in the mood and I’m a very sensual person. Masturbation doesn’t curb that part for anything and I need to be touched by someone else to climax. I don’t want to ask her for anything, so I wait until she suggests, but even when she doesn’t actually do anything, be honest. Either she forgets or she is not ready for it. I don’t know what to do because porn is not working either but I am getting frustrated and it is turning into anger and I hate that it does this. Hookups don’t work, I need someone to hook up with. We are in an open relationship but we do date together and we are currently single at that stage. She knows I’m disappointed but if she’s not in the mood then she isn’t.

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  1. There are things that are discussed as a couple, and if what you talked about has no solution, you don’t have to move on, you will always feel frustrated or angry and that will not do you any good in the future, neither you nor to your partner.

  2. Sex is an important major part of a good relationship. If you are not sexually compatible and struggle with it, then that either needs fixing or you should seriously consider leaving the relationship. At 21 the last thing you want is 10,20,30 more years with a person where you feel like this. Get out and find a partner that is sexually compatible, before all the good ones are partnered off and having kids.

  3. just curious, if you need to have a connection with someone in order to have satisfaction during sex. Why be in an open relationship?

    I just think it creates more disadvantages for you. Im not saying your partner does not love you, but that could be a reason why she’s not tending to your needs? Because you said that the both of you are also “single”

  4. Sorry , I mean have not helped, why don’t you try to make a connection with someone only in the sexual way, I know it’s sound difficult, but if you love your partner , you can discuss it. Only have someone to fulfill your sexual desire.

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