looking for exhibitionist ideas for my gf

My girlfriend recently admitted to me that she has a thing for exhibitionism. Reddit (she already has one) / Along with posting only fans nsfw content, does anyone have any recommendations on what other exhibitionist acts might be fun for her? I’ve already asked her what other things she thinks might be fun but she says she doesn’t know what might be fun because it’s a relatively new hobby for her and she knows who I’m with Will be fine My hope is to compile a list of ideas that I am comfortable with and put them before him so that I can make sure that we feel respected and safe in our relationship.

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  1. It depends on how far and in what capasity you want to contribute.

    Maybe lingerie in steange places or a flashing here and there.

  2. Definitely get familiar with public lewdness laws in your state/region. Enjoy yourselves, but try not to end up on r/TrashyBoners or worse, get yourselves arrested.

  3. Lovense Lush and a bar or festival? Wife enjoyed that recently.

    For us, it’ll be sex clubs next. Only way we’d do something in “public” is out in the woods or something. We definitely want to fuck in front of others at a club though.

  4. My wife enjoys showing off too. Here are some things we have fun with: she likes going to bars/clubs in thin shirts and no bra. The look is great on her, as she’s petite with perky tits. I bought her beaded panties – she loves wearing them with mini skirts – she can’t seem to stop swaying when she wears them cuz it feels so good. She loves showing them off to me with people around. Nude beaches and sex clubs are fun too. Next, we’re going to straight up tell people we like to show her off as part of our foreplay and ask if they’d like to see. We’re both proud of the work she puts in at the gym and can’t seem to get enough! So much fun. She won’t let me share pics online tho.

  5. We play pool in the local bar, wife wears short skirts, stockings, suspenders, sometimes split panties, sometimes just thong. Looks normal when standing up, but when leaning over the pool table shows all.

  6. Definitely give r/daresgonewild a look at. Some of the stuff one there is done by people who are more experienced if you want goals to work up to. If you are going to do something out in public, check out the area first before doing anything so you know your surroundings.

  7. Chaturbate was fun for me! It’s live web camming. You can wear lingerie and tease a little until you get some viewers in your room and once they start tipping you can slowly take things off. Or play games like 20 tokens = flash tits or they have like dice rolling games and all sorts of add ons! For me getting paid was the cherry on top. I mainly just like putting on a show.

  8. Sex parties are always fun. You don’t have to sleep with anyone else and just have it be the both of you enjoying each other around other people who are having the same fun or watching you.

  9. Go to a nude beach or to a topless beach (in europe its legal on any beach) that does it for me

  10. start a private group on telegram where she can live cam herself doing everyday things (changing showering shaving and much more)
    I know there are lots of us out here that would join.

  11. Going to the store, no panties and pluged in the shortest skirt youre comfortable with. If you use a heavy plug you have that fear that if you stop clenching even for a sec it’ll hit the floor in front of everyone.

  12. I’ve always wanted to have him drive down the highway so I can flash my boobies to other drivers from the passenger seat.

    Huge fantasy of mine. I’m a closet exhibitionist. He doesn’t understand the urges and feels it’s inappropriate. Which is why I love posts like yours. Lets me live vicariously for half a second, lol.

    I hope you update us on what you guys tried and how fun it was.

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