Is it possible to be overstimulated and how to prevent it (22f)

So this has happened when guys have eaten me and still finger me when I use my vibrator. I reach a point where it feels too good and I feel the need to stop. I’ve never ejaculated before and I’m a virgin so I don’t know how I’ll react in that situation but I want to know if this is normal and how can I stop myself… from stopping myself. Thanks!

3 thoughts on “Is it possible to be overstimulated and how to prevent it (22f)

  1. That may be a question best asked in

    Seeing as how you say you don’t know your actual limit when it comes to orgasm vs pre orgasm I don’t know where to begin with any viable advice other than… Enjoy it?

  2. I don’t know how long you were stimulated but if the session was less than 30min try to take your time and slowly intensify the stimulation. If you are almost there keep that haste. When you feel over stimulated slow down and also tell your partner to do so!

  3. I’m not sure if it’s the same sensation you’re experiencing, but a lot of the time during sex I get too much sensation in certain spots and it’s super uncomfortable, similar to how it feels to get tickled. If you are feeling similar, maybe try not stimulating your clit directly and play with other spots that aren’t so sensitive?

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